Posted by: David Giacalone | January 18, 2010

my first visit to Five Rivers


Thanks to my Stockade friends Loraine and Devin, I was introduced on Saturday to the Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, in Delmar, New York (about 23 miles from the Stockade).  The Center is operated by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and I can’t believe it took me twenty years before I discovered this Capital District gem.  As described at its website:

“Five Rivers Center is a living museum comprising over 450 acres of broad fields, towering forests, and tranquil wetlands. Five Rivers offers people of all ages a rich variety of guided and self-guided opportunities to encounter nature directly.”

. .

– Visitor Center at New York DEC’s Five Rivers Environmental Education Center in Delmar, NY –

. . click to read the site’s History . .

. .

We spent most of our time on the Beaver Tree Trail (.5 mile; click on the photo at the head of this paragraph for information on the trail).  Below, Devin helps document our adventure. [As always, click on a photo to see a larger version and scroll over it for a description.]



. . . . .

. . .

– Due to icy trail conditions, we all wished we had brought along our YakTrax or borrowed the ice grippers available at the Visitor Center. –

See the Five Rivers website to learn about the activities and services available at the Center.

. . . .  .

.. Aries the one-winged owl and an unidentified wild turkey at the Visitor Center . .

. . .

The Woodlot Trail(.15-mile) is wheelchair-accessible and gave Devin the opportunity to show off his number-identification skills.

. . .

. . Yes, Devin and I both worked up a nap .


  1. Thanks for sharing, David.
    Enjoyed the photos.

    • Thank you, Yu, for all of your encouragement of my photography. If you had not handed down your PowerShot to me in 2008 and nagged me to use it, I would have never started taking pictures and suns along the Mohawk would not exist.

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