Posted by: David Giacalone | January 9, 2010

while you were cozy (updated)

. . . I checked out Riverside Park late this afternoon at sunset.  With the temperature “real feel” at 1° F., I was the only person (silly enough to be) in the Park, but I stayed only long enough to snap a half dozen photos, between Washington Ave. and the esplanade.  Because there was nothing interesting happening in the western sky, I focused on the view along the snow-icy Mohawk River to the East/NE.  For example, the scene through the tree trunks clustered at the old Burr Bridge abutment:

. . . . . . . .

. . And, here are a couple of shots from the Park’s esplanade, taken while my fingers and shutter button were still able to function (as always, click on a photo to get a larger version and scroll over it for a description):

. . .

With my first sunset photo shoot of the New Year behind me, I’m waiting for something a little more dramatic before I next head out into a frigid evening.   Until then, I’m choosing cozy over crazy.

update (Jan. 15, 2010): Ever the optimist, and never quite learning my lessons, I tried again on Tuesday to weather another sunset along the Mohawk River.   The wind was brutal in Riverside Park, and sunset again rather subdued, as I snapped a few photos and hustled back home:

. . . 

. .

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