Posted by: David Giacalone | January 6, 2010

SnowMommy rules on Cucumber Alley

Snow Mommy and Snow Boys with Radio Flyer wagon behind 4 Cucumber Alley, Schenectady - 06Jan10

With their two active pre-schoolers and large backyard, I’ve been waiting for the Couture family to add to this winter’s Stockade Snowman Census (see our post “rare Stockade snowmen spied” from Dec. 10, 2009).   Daddy Aaron and the twins indeed did themselves proud last Sunday (Jan. 3), constructing a robust Snow-Mommy, flanked by an almost complete Snow-Miles and the beginnings of a fine snow version of Arthur. Below average temperatures have preserved them three days later.

Snow Mommy and Snow Boys behind 4 Cucumber Alley, Schenectady - 06Jan2010 . . .

. . . .

a view of the Mommy and Miles snowmen off Cucumber Alley in the Schenectady Stockade - 06Jan2010 When I saw that round mound to the right of Snow-Mommy, I feared there would a sad tale to tell.  Mommy Samantha, however, reassured me that her guys just got tired on Sunday and are planning to finish Snow Miles (he needs a face and arms) and complete construction of Snow Arthur when the next batch of good snow arrives.

Couture snowmen glance to the right to see the famous Schenectady GE Sign - 06Jan10

I set out this afternoon at sunset, hoping to capture spectacular sunset skies behind the Couture snowmen.  A thick blanket of clouds thwarted that plan.  However, it you click on the photo above this paragraph, you will see the lighted GE Sign in the upper left corner, giving our snowmen an ersatz heavenly glow.

Finally, if you missed the third update to our earlier snowman posting, click here (or on the thumbnail to the left) to see a lovely snowlady constructed in a Union St. backyard on December 27, 2009.

followup (January 26, 2010): This is all that is left of the 4 Cucumber snowfamily during the little flood of Jan. 26, 2010 (monitored in this flood watch posting):

3PM view of the backyard at 4 Cucumber Alley in the Stockade with the waning snowmen - 26Jan2010

. . . see “A Stockade Snowman Retrospective” (Jan. 28, 2016) . .


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