Posted by: David Giacalone | January 28, 2016

a Stockade Snowman retrospective

  On February 6, 2016, from 2 PM to 4 PM, the Stockade Association and neighborhood will hold Celebrate the Snowman – a winter commemoration of the 1690 Schenectady Massacre.  Click the prior link for details of the event. On January 28, eight days away from February 6th, it looks like it may take a weather miracle for us to have enough snow to make snowmen, or even to have a thin covering of snow in Riverside Park for the Celebration. Nonetheless, folks are trying to figure out snowless ways to represent and have fun with snowmen, snow art, and the snowman concept. [Click on the image to the left to read about the relationship between snowmen and the 1690 Schenectady Massacre, which is etched in our minds by an 1890 woodcut in the collection of North Wind Picture Archives that is now used in the masthead of snowmen at the gates.] follow-up (Feb. 7, 2016): See “celebrating (a massacre and) Stockade snowmen“.

My first posting with photos of Stockade snowmen came in December 2009, when I was fortunate to experience 2-year-old Devin and his grandmother Loraine creating his first snowman, in Riverside Park. That same day, I saw an array of snowpersons crafted by Elizabeth Petta and her mom. The resulting posting was rare snowmen spied in the Stockade (December 19, 2009). Here are a few shots from that posting:




. . . snowman10dec09wrd

.. above: a sentinel snowman by the Kilgallens..



.. a charming trio in Riverside Park by the Pettas..


This Slideshow contains some of my other favorite photos of Stockade snowmen (snow-women, snow-characters, etc.), to help us get into the mood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . . . you can find our prior snowman postings at these links:

…Devin’s first snowman inadvertently channeled the historic Stockade Snowmen Sentinels


-the website “Today’s Snowman” has memorialized Devin’s first snowman-making experience in the posting “a Schenectady snowman from 2009“.


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