Posted by: David Giacalone | June 25, 2013

so-so super moon


– super moon on June 23, 2013, with 1st Reformed Church tower; detail below:


– click on a photo for a larger version –

This past weekend, I proved once again that I’m not cut out for nighttime photography (except, of course, for the Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks seen from the end of Cucumber Alley). So, this posting has the three most presentable images that I took Sunday night of the so-called “super moon” — the combination of a full moon with the perigee of the moon, its closest distance this year.

Nothing more to say (and no promises this time of more night-time practicing).


– super moon over roofline of 17 Washington Avenue; taken from my 2nd floor fire-escape –



– view from the corner of North Church and Front Sts. –

. compare with our March 2011 Super Moon posting:


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