Posted by: David Giacalone | November 14, 2021

Stockade-athon 2021 on my corner


. . Sathon2021-CaraSherman

. .  Above: Cara Sherman, 1st in Woman Div. [I did not see Cara in the crowd in time for a front view]; and [Top] Louis Serafini, 1st Overall (pretty easy to spot!) . . 

MVP Health Care Stockade-athon 2021 was a welcome sight rushing down Washington Avenue this morning. As happens most years, the eventual winners in both the male and female divisions were the first of their genders entering the Stockade and making the turn east onto Front Street. [see images above] Similarly, after overall winner Louis Serafini, the second group of male runners included those who finished at the top of the rankings (see below with names and placements noted):


  • Sathon2021-AwardsList
  • And, you can click to see the Awards List and the total Results compiled by ARE EVENT PRODUCTIONS (at

Sathon2021 - OfcRPassonno  When I bounded off my front porch at Cucumber Alley and Washington Avenue about 8:30 this morning, the first vision from the Race that I saw was Officer R. Passonno and his shiny black jeep. (image at left) I watched and photographed the 2021 Stockade-athon cohort from that location, Washington Avenue at Front Street, and its extension, Cucumber Alley.

In “the good old days”, when Lawrence Circle was the halfway point of the race, it took almost an hour for the all the runners in the Stockade-athon Race to pass through the center of its namesake Stockade district, giving me the chance to move up and down several blocks, and offering many perspectives for shooting runners I’d see coming west down Front Street or south up Washington Avenue. [If interested in past versions of the Race, there are links in our Stockade-athon Category to every Race since 2009.] With the race starting downtown at Veterans Park, the turn into the Stockade is only half a mile from the start, with the vast mass of runners still in a rushing clump of pumping legs, arms and hearts. As a result, the last straggler (who started late and came after the last escort vehicle) passed me by and turned up Front Street only 09:59 after Lou Serafini led the pack into the turn.


IMG_3960 (1)In the Slideshow and individual images presented below, there are about 50 photographs of bodies and faces racing pass me on the corner of Washington Avenue at Front Street.  The Slideshow images are presented in the order I took the photographs, as the runners came down Washington Avenue. I always especially enjoy the faces and hope you will, too. [see more of the faces in the mosaic tile display near the bottom of this posting]

  • USE of IMAGES. As always, runners and groups may use any image from the Race without seeking permission. Others may use a Race image for non-commercial purposes. For use in a commercial context, please contact David Giacalone directly or by leaving a comment.
  • For a LARGER VERSION of a SLIDESHOW image, pause and rightclick on the image and choose Show Image in New Tab.

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Sathon2021-Last-LateStart.  .  a late-starting runner is the last competitor past our corner . .  

Click on a square tile for a larger, full-image version of some of the Faces of the 2021 Stockade-athon:




IMG_4007 . . .

. . a friendly bellringer and vocal race fan joined me behind a wooden horse. .  

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