Posted by: David Giacalone | August 11, 2009

more fog along the Mohawk

fog behind 16 Washington Ave., Schenectady Stockade - 7 AM, 10Aug2009

– foggy morning behind 16 Washington Ave., August 10, 2009 –

Confession:  I am not a morning person, nor AM photographer.  It’s hard to get my eyes wide open and my body outdoors early in the day.  That’s why you will rarely, if ever, see sunrise shots here at suns along the Mohawk, despite an open eastward view as nice as the western one, down at the river in the Schenectady Stockade.  It is also why I haven’t taken photographic advantage of a summer that has — I’m told by radio announcers, but can’t confirm with my own eyes — produced many foggy mornings.

Yesterday, however, I was semi-awake extra early and again heard talk on the radio of fog in the valleys.  Poking my head outside at about 6:30 AM, I indeed noticed an intriguing layer of fog over the Mohawk River.  After a quick cup of coffee, I stumbled out my front door by 6:50, only to find the fog rapidly thinning.  I was able to catch a bit of it before it disappeared — and before mosquitoes looking for breakfast drove me back indoors.

.. foggy morning Stockade scene at the Washington Ave. dead end - 10Aug09

.. fog lifting over the Isle of the Cayugas, Mohawk River, 7 AM, 10Aug09 ..

looking eastward over the foggy Mohawk River from Washington Ave. - 10Aug09

railroad trestle over the Mohawk River, near the Schenectady Stockade, on a foggy morning - 10Aug09trestle ……… entering Riverside Park from Washington Ave. on a foggy morning along the Mohawk - 10Aug09

That’s all the fog this groggy fogey could manage to corral yesterday morning.  (Click here to see some more Riverside fog photos, taken in the autumn of 2008.)

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