Posted by: David Giacalone | September 10, 2010

new signs make history on my corner

.  .  . 

– new Historic District signs on Washington Ave. at Front St. and Cucumber Alley –

. . the “old” signs . .

cucumberalleyhistsign It’s been a year to the day since I wrote here about my sighting of the first examples of our Stockade Historic District streets signs right outside my corner window at Cucumber Alley and Washington Avenue. [Beth Petta shows off a new sign for the Alley, Sept. 10, 2009, in the photo to the left.]  Alas, it was only a tease and a trial run, and I was left anticipating the actual installation of the new signs in the near future.   In May 2010, I celebrated the arrival of the signs up along Front Street and at Church and Union — and wondered like a little kid when it was going to be our turn at “my” corner.

Well, it finally happened today.  Heading up the Alley from my front porch this afternoon, I saw a most welcome sight: the Stockade Historic District street signs, bracket and pole for Cucumber Alley and Washington Ave.

If I am correct that all the other Stockade Historic District street signs are up throughout the neighborhood, it is time to thank and congratulate Beth Petta and all those who have worked on this self-paid, “adopt a sign” Stockade project.  Special thanks to all of our neighbors whose donations made the project possible by “adopting” a sign or pole. (For the history of the project, see Beth’s article on page 3 of the January Stockade Spy, “Stockade Street Sign Project Finally a Go!” (pdf.).

. . . . .

– new [L] and old poles at Washington Ave. and Front St. –

Although there are some traditionalists who preferred the old green street signs; and a curmudgeon or two who were disappointed by the new poles, I must admit that I like the new signs more than the old and believe the new poles are an improvement over those sad aluminum ones.

p.s. Are the old signs going to be raffled or auctioned off? [see follow-up below]

follow-up (Saturday, September 11, 2010): Beth Petta sent me this message in an email this afternoon:

Thanks for posting all of that!
Well Neighbors, we’re almost done! Just a few more signs and some tweaking of placement. What a great project! I love this neighborhood. The City has been terrific, too. I have most of the old signs, which the neighborhood association hopes to auction at some event as a FUNdraiser.
Beth Petta
update (September 28, 2010):  The Adopt–a- Historic-District-Sign Honor Roll:
Beth Petta has been the public face and heart of the adopt-a-sign program that brought the Historic District street signs to the Stockade.   Urged to help us honor all those who played a significant role in the project, Beth circulated this list today, in an email titled “It takes a village.”  Beth explained that it is a list  “of those who volunteered, did research, help[ed] promote” the Project, but is not meant to be a list of those who adopted a sign or gave financial help, who have been acknowledged publicly on other occasions (of course, the two lists may overlap).
Beth Petta says:
“So, in alphabetical order……..THANK YOU!!”
Sylvia Briber and Spy staff
Tom Chouffi
John Coluccio
Sam Couture
Mary D’Alessandro
Joe Fava
Lou Fringi
Rob Gavel
GE (Matching Funds)
Lyn Gordon
City Historic Commission
Tom Iaccobucci
Sharon Jordan
Gloria Kishton
Jack Lyons
Karen Mallia
Dale Miller
Carl Olsen
Dave Ottavio
Elizabeth and Beth Petta
Don Rittner
Greg Sauer
Brian Stratton
Swett and Swett
Wachala Family
Jennifer Wells
Robert Woods

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