Posted by: David Giacalone | July 31, 2013

a perfectly postponed picnic

2013Picnic-Richard&LydiaDance With weather too good to hope for in late July, and under beautiful blue skies with imaginative clouds, the 2013 Stockade Neighborhood Picnic (postponed to July 30 due to rain on July 23) was a lovely, relaxing evening in the Park for a few score of neighbors and friends.  A refreshing breeze even kept the dreaded mosquito scourge from sucking out our good spirits. Thanks go out to Valerie Ackerman, who orchestrated the event, which was sponsored by the Stockade Association Safety Committee and Neighborhood Watch, and was made possible by the efforts of many neighbors.

Maybe I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I confess to missing all the kids who livened up our 2011 picnic, as well as last year’s 2012 neighborhood picnic. It was nevertheless a most enjoyable event for me, and apparently for the other participants.  Naturally, I snapped quite a few photos, but also remembered to put down my camera and take advantage of all the good will and good food.  My favorite shots from the picnic can be found in the Slideshow below.


Mellow music was provided by the Kitchen Jazz quintet, which includes Stockade residents Richard Genest, Sylvie Briber, and Norm Ainslie

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– click on the collage below for a larger version –


If you would like me to email you a copy of any of the photos in the Slideshow, please let me know.

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