Posted by: David Giacalone | July 21, 2013

fun inside the Zoppé tent

   Thanks to an invitation from Jay Walther, who fills many roles at the Zoppé Family Circus (including the White Clown, Papino), I got to enjoy the show inside the beautiful Zoppé tent on Broadway this lovely Sunday afternoon in Schenectady.  (see our earlier post for many views of the outside of the tent) It was truly, a traditional, “family” circus, with plenty of heart, skill and smiles.  The current leader of the family circus, Giovanni “Nino the Clown” Zoppé, welcomed their guests outside the tent before the performance, and it was clear from the start that we were in for an enjoyable afternoon.

 Zoppé Family Circus tent - Schenectady NY 17Ju2013  . . The Daring Jones Duo on the trapeze - Zoppé Circus in Schenectady NY - 21July2013 It was a treat to take photos inside a tent filled with light, shadows, primary colors, and happy people of all ages.  This posting has over forty photos taken this afternoon, each of which is presented in the slideshow below in chronological order; each photo is repeated in the Gallery at the bottom of the post.  Clicking on a Gallery photo will put you inside a carousel with larger versions of each photo, and a link to the original file for each image.

I put together four collages commemorating episodes from the show: Nino trying to find his red hat, with the help of a young audience member; three knife throwers showing their skills; photos of youngsters and families taken with the little horse Cavallino; and Nino trying to figure out just where Papino will allow him to play his trombone (“big trumpet”).  Click on each of them for a larger version:

IMG_0765knives .  . IMG_0741Hat . .

……… knife play …………….. where’s my hat?

IMG_0839Cavallino  . .  IMG_0899trumpet

 ……. pictures with Cavallino ……. trombone agita ………


my first view inside the tent –


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IMG_0717 After taking photos of an event, I often feel like I was too busy shooting to enjoy the show.  Today, I figured out quickly that I needed to take a lot of short breaks from photography so I could share in the applause and smiles of the rest of the audience.

IMG_0881  . . . .

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Below is the Gallery featuring all the photos from the Slideshow.  Click on an image for a larger version.

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