Posted by: David Giacalone | October 7, 2018

2018 Mohawk Fall Classic Regatta rows by

. . 2019 Regatta: Regretfully, I had to be out of town on family business and was not able to capture the beauty and excitement of this year’s event. I hope it was grand for competitors, coaches and fans.


Today (October 7, 2018), the Burnt Hills Rowing association [Facebook page] once again hosted a major autumn rowing event on the Mohawk River (18 clubs, 195 entries this year). The 2018 Mohawk Fall Classic Regatta was again worth a walk to the Park. As their website explains:

RegattaLogoThe regatta is run out of the iconic Jumpin’ Jacks Drive-In and Freedom Park location.  . . .

The 3700 meter head race starts downstream and finishes in front of the Freedom Park stage. The last 500 meters of the race is fully viewable from shore.


Happily, those last 500 meters go right past the Stockade’s Riverside Park, allowing me to snap some photos, as I did, and posted about, last year. We did not have the dramatic blue skies and curious blue heron [photo reprised on the right] like we did in 2017, but it was fun to watch and listen to the fans from the Park for the last portion of the event.

The Slide show has about two dozen photos, taken with a zoom lens (sorry for the occasional lack of full focus, and for not being able to identify the entrants or clubs).

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IMG_8837-001  . . IMG_8822-001


. . Thanks go out to the Host, BHRA, and sponsors (including, The Gazette, Jumpin’ Jack’s, Turf Tavern . . 



  1. I would like to purchase a photo from Mohawk regatta Oct. 2018
    It is a picture of a Toga girls 8 seat boat .

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