Posted by: David Giacalone | September 10, 2011

a Stockade flood of art and sunshine

Robin Rosenthal‘s The Things We Carry won 1st place at today’s 60th Annual Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show –

  On a day that started with a lovely sunrise, blue skies, and gauzy clouds, you could almost forget that the Stockade had two floods in the past dozen days (see our coverage, starting here).  As art fans had hoped all week,  the 60th Annual Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show went on as planned, with artists, visitors and volunteers sharing goodwill and relief over the good weather and good art.  Tonight, I want to spotlight the winning art and artists in the Slideshow below.  It is followed by a Gallery of the same photos, which can be clicked on for a larger version and scrolled over for a description.

You’ll find about 100 additional candid photos of the Art Show in our posting “showing off artfully in the Stockade“.  And, lots more at the Art Show’s Facebook page.

  . . . .  

– Kate Mindel’s Kallitype photo won 2nd Prize (above, L) and Roxy Becofsky sculpture won 3rd prize –

. . . click for the complete list of winners:  

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Sharing: Artists are free to use any of the photos in this posting, and others may use them for any noncommercial purpose, with an attribution to “suns along the Mohawk” and the photographer, David Giacalone.

As always, many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this year’s Stockade Outdoor Art Show a success, including Deb and Matt Volks, Connie and Marty Colangelo, Jennifer Wells, Meredith Anker, Zoe Oxley, Stacey, and Brett Lauren-Kennedy, and many more volunteers.





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. . . don’t miss our randomly candid, and hopefully more artsy, look at the Outdoor Art Show in Sunday’s posting “showing off artfully in the Stockade“, which has over 100 photos . . .

– and click here to see our coverage of the 2010 Outdoor Art Show –

Below is the complete list of 2011 Stockade Outdoor Art Show Winners (click on it  to enlarge it; also, click here for a pdf. version)


  1. Thank you so much. Truly is the story of this year’s Art Show.

  2. As always, Connie, your thanks are especially appreciated.

  3. David thanks for the taking such wonderful pictures and posting them its such a wonderful walk through your eyes! The 60th Stockade art show was a success for me as an artist who participated in show Hopefully I will see you next year come by my booth for a chat
    Gail Kessler

    • Thanks back to you, Gail. I hope I see you next year at the Outdoor Art Show, if not sooner at SAS events. I hope you saw both of the postings about this year’s art show. Please let me know if you or your art is in any of the photos, so I can insert that information.

  4. I did not see any from my booth but I do want to mention I did have 7 art pieces in the Movie “A Place Beyond the Pines” in Al’s Place a house in the GE Plot’ our Society The SAS is very please to announce that several artist had the honor to place art work in that scene we always welcome new members and are an active group now looking for a place to exhibit our annual Fall and Spring showing

    • Congratulations, Gail, on your extensive “product placement” in “A Place Beyond the Pines.” It’s another thing to look forward to when the film hits the theaters.

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