Posted by: David Giacalone | September 12, 2009

Outdoor Art Show 2009: a weather gamble pays off

Lawrence the Indian under the banner of the Stockade's 58th Outdoor Art Show - 12Sep09

Despite a dismal and risky weather forecast, today’s 58th Villager’s Outdoor Art Show lived up to its Stockade tradition — giving neighbors, visitors and artists an enjoyable day focused on fine art and good spirits.  Many thanks to the hard-working Committee and to everyone who exhibited art or joined the crowds. [Click on a photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a brief description. And, please let me know if I’ve mislabeled art or artist.]

the rain doesn't faze artist Judy Haller D'Angelo under her canopy  . just a little drizzle . Artist Crystal A. Frascatore shelters under an umbrella during morning drizzle

. . painters Judy Haller-D’Angelo and Crysal Frascatore on N. Ferry St. . .

This weblog post cannot do justice to the artists or the crowd, much less the organizers and helpers.  There’s no way I could photograph and present a comprehensive account of the day.  So, I apologize in advance for all my omissions.  I spent an hour at the Art Show this morning, schmoozing and snapping a few pictures, and then came back in the afternoon for a final two hours of random pointing, clicking, strolling and chatting.  My photo choices were rather arbitrary, and I often sought out a bit of color to offset the gray day.

approaching the Art Show at Front and Church Steets 12Sep09 . . . winning display at Church and Front Sts. 12Sep09

. . approaching the Show at Front and Church Sts., it was already difficult to decide where to start . .

Stockadian artist Frank Gilmore decided to be a browser rather than exhibitor today The three major prizes went to Erik Laffer, Rob Gavel and Jamie Murray.  In case I run out of steam this evening, I’m going to focus first on them.

Erik Laffer receiving the 1st Place Award from Matt Volks - 12Sep09 . . . "Digial Boundary" by Erik Laffer, 1st Place, 58th Stocakde Villager's Outdoor Art Show - 12Sep09

. . Erik Laffer won first place with another painting from his Cartography Series, Digital Boundary (2009) 48”x48” Oil on Canvas (click to see last year’s 2nd Place winner by Erik) . .

Rob Gavel silkscreen of Stockade doors - 2nd Place and Ernest A. R. Cohen Award for 2009 . ……………. . Rob Gavel grabs the 2nd Place prize and runs - 12Sep09

. . . Rob Gavel’s silkscreen of brightly colored “Doors of the Stockade” won the 2nd Place Prize and the Ernest A. R. Cohen award for Best Depiction of the Stockade Neighborhood . . .

3rd Place Stockade Art Show winner by Jamie Murray - 12Sep09 . . . Jamie Murray receiving her 3rd place Award from Matt Volks - 12Sep09

. . Jamie Murray’s colorful painting took 3rd Place . .

. . click to see the list of winners . . . Winners List for the 58th Annual Stockade Villager's Outdoor Art Show - 12Sep09

Here, with no particular order or organization are more photo impressions of the day, along with more winning artwork:

Larry Meyerhoff plays Celtic music to a young fan next to St. George's Episcopal Church - 12Sep09St. George's Episcopal Church, Schenectady Stockade 12Sep09

.. fun at St. George’s with Larry Meyerhoff’s Celtic Music (video sampler)..

Stockade Art Show crowd under threatening skies on N.Ferry St. - 12 Sep09

. . time well-spent with sites and folks on N. Ferry St . . . . . photographer Glen Marsh of Ballston Spa with his biggest Fan - 12Sep09

e.g., photographer Glen Marsh of Ballston Spa, with his biggest fan

Gregg Millett & Ann Parillo at the Stockade Outdoor Art Show - 12Sep09

Gregg Millett and Ann Parillo (who did a segment on the Outdoor Art Show, featuring Karen Johnson and artist Karen Rosasco, on Schenectady Today, September 2, 2009,)

Steven Kowalski's award-winner art - 12Sep09 Stockadian Steven Kowalski won two awards, including Best of Our Neighbors. You can see his transition from morning worry to award-winning smile:

Steve Kowalski at his exhibit, 11:30 AM, 12 Sep09 . . . Steve Kowalski with an award-winner's smile - 12Sep09

Frankly, I missed a lot of great photos, because a certain Stockade politician stepped in front of my camera a half dozen times or more at the award ceremony. She was, however, willing to pose for a representative head shot:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karen Johnson blocking my view at the awards ceremony - 12Sep09

Mia Simone, 1st Place, Young Artists Division - 58th Outdoor Art Show - 12Sep09

Mia Simone’s Best Young Artist piece drew a lot of attention . a lot of attention for the female form - art by Mia Simone

winning piece by Shanta Nair for 1st Time Exhibitor - 12Sep09 As did this year’s winner of the Nicholas J. Colangelo Award for First Time Exhibitors, by Shanta Nair.

Deb Volks & Jennifer Wells worked all day on the Art Show committee - 12Sep09

Connie Colangelo briefly gets to sit down 12Sep09 . . . Connie and friends closing things down in the rain - 6 PM 12Sep09

. . work, work, work to make the Art Show work so well . .

Here’s a pair I really like, but I did not get the name of the artists.  If you know, please let us know with a Comment below:

honorable mention, collage (artist as yet unknown) - 12Sep09 . . . another Outdoor Art Show winner - 12Sep09 (artist as yet unknown)

Rob Petito and his posse 12Sep09 . . . always nice to see friends . . the lovely and shy Lollipop, with admirers - 12Sep09

Finally, for a taste of the variety and quality of art at the Show, here are four racks displaying pieces submitted by artists to the contest jury (click on them to enlarge; I apologize for not knowing the names of the artists):

Display1 - youth division -- 58th Outdoor Art Show 12Sep09 . . Display 2 - contestants

Display 3 - Stockade Outdoor Art Show competition 12Sep09 . . . Display 4 - Stockade Outdoor Art Show competition 12Sep09

Again, thanks to all those who participated — organizers, artists and art-loving crowds — and gave us another successful Outdoor Villager’s art Show.

afterthought: If, like myself, the Art Show kept you from visiting the Schenectady Little Italy Street Fest on Saturday, check out Michelle Ardolina’s coverage at the TU‘s The Schenectady Blog.

BONUS: This might put things into perspective.  Here’s what I saw, walking up Green Street at the end of the afternoon, when I glanced across the First Presbyterian Church’s parking lot and cemetery (add your own labels):

big blue slides, 1st Presbyterian Church parking lot, Schenectady Stockade - 12Sep09 . . . . . . . .Bouncy-bounce with headstones, 1st Presbyterian Church parking lot, Schenectady Stockade - 12Sep09

p.s. Special thanks, as ever, to Lawrence the Indian, who presided over yet another Stockade event with stoic dignity — and never refused to pose for a photograph. To wit:

Lawrence Circle, 58th Villager's Outdoor Art Show - Noon 12Sep09

Lawrence amidst Art Show bustle, seen from beside Arthur's Market, Front St., Schenectady - 12Sep09


  1. With the Stockade Neighborhood Watch “manning” the Front St barrier (“What??–I can’t get to my house on Green Street??!!), and a gathering planned at my nearly-completed patio for later in the afternoon, I never really was able to visit this year’s art show. Thanks, David, for bringing the show to me. Your Stockade chronicles are a treasure–a permanent tribute to this incredible community!

  2. Geez, Mom, if you don’t stop using Beverly’s name to leave these gushing Comments, people are going to sue you for identity theft. (Until then, of course, thanks and keep up the good words!!)

  3. David you truly captured the spirit of the art show. Great shots. We on the committee appreciate your photo and I know that the artists will enjoy seeing the pictures in the photo alblums that date back to the first show.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you very much, Connie. I did very little compared to your family and many others on the Committee. You did the heavy-lifting.

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