Posted by: David Giacalone | September 10, 2009

looking for signs (historic anticipation)

Beth Petta with old and new Cucumber Alley Signs - 10Sep09 . . . .    Beth Petta displaying Cucumber Alley Stockade Historic District Sign - 10Sep09

It looked like an historic moment, around 1 PM this afternoon, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Cucumber Alley.   There stood Beth Petta with the much-anticipated Cucumber Alley – Stockade Historic District sign.  Although running late for a lunch date, I hurried inside to fetch my Canon camera, hoping to capture the event digitally.   After taking a few shots, I headed to lunch, thinking I’d find the new signs duly affixed to the pole on my return, and that I’d post the results here for all to see.

Beth and the new signs were gone, however, when I got back home at 3 PM.   My faulty assumptions left me a little disappointed, with only half a tale to tell.   When I downloaded the 1 P.M. photos to my computer, I noticed that the second sign brought by Beth was not Washington Avenue.  That should have been my first clue.

Stockade Historic District Signs - Cucumber Alley & Front St. - with Beth Petta 10Sep09

I’ll update this post with the information, as soon as Beth lets me know just what they were doing today with the signs, and the anticipated schedule for installation of the Historic District street signs, .  If you would like to learn more about the history and details of this “adopt a sign,” self-paid project, see Beth’s article on page 3 of the January Stockade Spy, “Stockade Street Sign Project Finally a Go!” (pdf.).  After all her work on this project, I’m certain Beth will be even more excited than I when the signs are finally in place.

update (Sept. 11, 2009):  Beth writes this morning that “yes, there’s activity again…finally.  still some details to be worked out…but i promise you it’s worth the wait to get it right. also, the city is doing the installation. yesterday was a fact finding day.”

follow-up (May 14, 2010): You’ll find lots of photos at our post “historic district signs arrive along Front St.”

afterword (Sept. 10, 2010):  It took exactly a year, but the Cucumber Alley and Washington Ave. sign went up today.  Read about it and see the pictures here.


  1. What is the name of the company that made the signs?

    • Hello, Worthy Image. I just tried to get an answer for you, but failed. The woman who ran this project no longer lives in this City or state and the article mentioned in the posting from the Spy does not name a manufacturer. Your best bet for an answer might be to contact our Schenectady Historic District Commission, which apparently has tried to coordinate our historic district signs since this trial project. Phone them at 515-382-5147. Good luck.

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