Posted by: David Giacalone | September 17, 2009

sunset clouds over the CSX Bridge

sunset clouds over the CSX rail bridge on the Mohawk River - 14Sep09

A 10-pier CSX rail bridge lies just east of the Stockade and connects Schenectady (near East Front Street) with Scotia.  The CSX bridge [formerly known as the Conrail or the New York Central Bridge] doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves here at suns along the Mohawk — unless it obstructs the ice flow in the River, causing our Spring Stockade floods.  That neglect is surely due to our western sunset fixation.   On Monday night September 14, 2009, however, sunset painted the clouds over and beyond the CSX bridge in a manner that got our attention.

northeast sunset view of the CSX bridge from Schenectady's Riverside Park - 14Sep09p In the span of a few minutes, the clouds went from predominantly pink, to mostly blue highlights, to a gray theme.  Luckily, I had my camera and snapped a few photos while strolling between the Riverside Park esplanade and North Street.

The pink phase is shown above.  Here are the blue and gray phases:

blue sunset clouds over the CSX bridge, Schenectady - Scotia, NY - 14Sep09 . . . sunset clouds over the CSX bridge, Schenectady - Scotia, NY - 14Sep09g

Last night (Sept. 15), I returned to Riverside Park at sunset to take another look at the CSX bridge.  This shot was taken from the deadend at Washington Avenue:

CSX bridge at sunset, Schenectady - Scotia, NY - 15Sep09

. . . this one, too: CSX bridge at sunset from Washington Ave dead end - 15Sep09

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