Posted by: David Giacalone | November 3, 2009

great views from Gateway Landing

. . . . .  Mohawk River bank along the Schenectady Stockade seen from Gateway Landing 27Oct09

entry sign for Gateway Landing, along the Binnekill and the Mohawk River, Rotterdam-Schenectady NY 27Oct09 Despite seeing it often and using it in photos, it took me 15 years to set foot on Gateway Landing — a small public dock, deck, gazebo and picnic area nestled under the Western Gateway Bridge (near Schenectady County Community College), at the point where the Binnekill stream empties into the Mohawk River.  Although located in the Town of Rotterdam, Gateway Landing is literally a stone’s throw from Schenectady’s Stockade District.  It was constructed in the fall of 1994, by the volunteers of the Schenectady Action Council, and is maintained by the Schenectady Rotary Club.  Gateway Landing is used for fishing, picnicking, and the docking of small recreational boats.

Gateway Landing commemorative plaque, Rotterdam NY - 27Oct09 click for early Gateway Landing history. . plaque describing Gateway Landing and Schenectady Harbor 1660-1820

And, as I expected when heading over there on October 27, Gateway Landing was a great place to get a different perspective on the lovely-but-fading fall foliage along our Stockade & Scotia stretch of the Mohawk River. [Click on a photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description.]

. . . . . . . . view from Gateway Landing of the bank of the Mohawk River at the end of Cucumber Alley, Schenectady NY - 27Oct09

view across the Binnekill toward Schenectady's Cucumber Alley from Gateway Landing - 27Oct09 . .. . . . 2 Cucumber Alley seen from Gateway Landing - 27Oct09

 Scotia bank of Mohawk River looking eastward from Gateway Landing - 7Oct09


Burr Abutment at the end of Schenectady's Washington Ave. seen from Gateway Landing - 27Oct099 . . . Gateway Landing Gazebo and deck, Rotterdam, NY  - 27Oct09

My perch at Gateway Landing also permitted a closer look than usual at the Western Gateway Bridge and the Isle of the Cayugas:

northwest view from Gateway Landing along the Mohawk River - 27Oct09 . .   view toward Western Gateway Bridge and Isle of the Cayugas from Gateway Landing - 27Oct09 . . north view from Gateway Landing with fallen tree - 27Oct09

view across the Mohawk River from Gateway Landing of the Isle of the Cayugas - 27Oct09

. . . .

. . . plus, a different perspective on the CSX rail bridge:

view east down the Mohawk from Gateway Landing, Rotterdam-Schenectady, NY - 27Oct09

It should go without saying that I won’t let fifteen more years elapse before returning to Gateway Landing, which can be reached from the SCCC exit on the Rt. 5 Western Gateway Bridge (just past the Town of Rotterdam sign).

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