Posted by: David Giacalone | May 4, 2018

Let’s make Riverside Park a Pedestrian Sanctuary

IMG_4095  Many thanks to the Schenectady Gazette Opinion Page for publishing the Guest Column “Preserve Riverside Park for pedestrians” (May 4, 2018, at C4, by David Giacalone; click for a 2-page pdf. version).

  • Please let your Schenectady City and County legislators and executives know your opinion about the best ways to preserve what is best about Riverside Park for its users of all ages, and for future generations.
Riverside Park Map H

Riverside Park Map


Feel free to download and display our sign, in green, or black and white:



  1. Comment by Roberta Farrell (sent by email, May 5, 2018):

    Subject: Thank you for your Stockade Riverside Park article!
    Date: May 5, 2018 at 12:20:24 PM EDT
    To: David Giacalone

    David, this article for the guest column in May 4’s Gazette presented a considered “debate” with something for everyone.

    “Walk bikes through this area” would not be uncommon for a paved path.

    Preserving the Commons tradition established here is essential to its continued availability.

    All can stop and savor the sunset.

    David, it’s a pleasure to read an article that creatively informs in a comprehensive, kindly and elegant gesture.

    Congratulations for your valuable social contributions!

    Well wishes,

    p.s. If you post it, please add that Roberta and Steve are long-term and regular walkers or bicyclers on the region’s bike paths.

    Roberta A. Farrell

    • Many thanks, Roberta. Your words of appreciation mean a lot.

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