Posted by: David Giacalone | November 9, 2009

a sunny Stockade greets Stockade-athon 2009

follow-up (Nov. 7, 2010): see Stockade-athon 2010 visits Lawrence”-

– find our 2011 Stockade-athon photos at

runners heading south on Washington Ave., near the County Historical Society, Schenectady Stockade, 2009 Stockade-athon

The weather could not have been better for the spectators this morning, and I bet the runners liked it, too, as the 34th Annual Stockade-athon 15K road race passed through our eponymous Stockade neighborhood.   With only one good eye, a fluish body and a very slow reaction time, I failed to capture as many interesting photos as I had hoped this morning.

As you can see, for example, the eventual men’s winner, Fernando Cabada Jr., was too fast for me, as I tried to quickly raise my Canon PowerShot for my first picture of the day:

…….. Cabada was too fast for me, too …. first runner through the Stockade in 2009 Stockade-athon (too fast for me and my camera) - 08Nov09

Fernando Cabada Jr. of Boulder, Colo., was first and Jordan Davis of Syracuse finished second, while Laurel Burdick of Manlius won the women’s division in the 34th annual Gazette Stockade-athon 15k road race.

. . . right behind Cabada on Front St.: second runner passing through the Stockade (Emory Mort?) - Stockade-athon 2009

neighborhood favorite on Front St., Stockade-athon 2009 . . . . . neighborhood favorite, coming and going - Stockade-athon 2009 As usual, I’m going to post a bunch of photos that interest me for the colors or faces, and hope they help us celebrate this fine Schenectady tradition. [Click on a photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a brief (often unenlightening) description.]

runners pass Lawrence Circle in the Stockade - Stockade-athon 2009

running on Front St. after passing Lawrence the Indian - Stockade-athon 2009 . . .. . .Stockade-athon 2009 runners pass Lawrence Circle

runners passing N. Ferry St. on Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009 . . …..  . . woman runner passing N. Ferry St. on Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009

pair of runners (brothers?) just past Polachek Square on Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009

runner #17 passes Lawrence the Indian - Stockade-athon 2009 – as usual, Lawrence was in the middle of the action today –

three men run up Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009 . .  runners approaching Lawrence Circle at N. Ferry St. - Stockade-athon 2009 . . runner #1335 enters Polachek Square - Stockade-athon 2009

lone runner passes Lawrence at Front & N. Ferry Sts. - Stockade-athon 2009 . . . . . two runners pass Lawrence Circle in light and shadow - Stockade-athon 2009

two young runners passing Lawrence Circle - Stockade-athon 2009


And, further down Front St., near Church:

runners heading past N. Church St. on Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009

. . . .  exuberance at 9 Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009

runners on Front St. nearing Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon 2009

runners turning onto Washington Ave. from Front St - Stockade-athon 2009

. . and then heading south on Washington Avenue:

 . . . runners enter Washington Ave. from Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009

women pass Cucumber Alley on Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon

faces and branches - Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon 2009


water stop at YWCA, Washington Ave. at Union St. - Stockade-athon 2009

Monday morning addendum (Nov. 9, 2009): A few more faces (click to enlarge):

runner 1114 on Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009 . . .  runners on Front St. - Stockade-athon 2009 . .

  determined runner #801 on Washington Avenue - Stockade-athon 2009


runner #40 heads up Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon 2009.. runner turns onto Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon 2009 .. former Public Defender huffs down Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon 2009


thumbs up from a runner on Washington Ave. - Stockade-athon 2009 .. #834 passes Cucumber Alley - Stockade-athon 2009

sun on their backs as runners head down Front St. - Stocakde-athon 2009

Finally, if you hung around at Front and Church St. until sunset today, you saw a few more streaking beauties:

sunset from Church and Front Sts., Stockade-athon 2009 - 08Nov09 . . . sunset over Front St., Schenectady Stockade - 08Nov09

p.s. You can find the results and some Stockade-athon video at the Schenectady Gazette website; and a few more photos and commentary by participant Herb Terns at the Times Union Outdoors weblog.


  1. Took me back; my dad was a GE engineer–Man on The Moon Project, so we left Sch’dy in 1956, never came back, only to bury mom, dad and gramma Sarah Case. Great job. Thank you, one and all, and to all, good night!

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