Posted by: David Giacalone | September 8, 2012

61st Stockade Outdoor Art Show a breezy success

– John Elliott’s 1st Place “Best of Show” photograph, “Queen Ann’s Lace.” –

. click on an image for a larger version .

The 61st Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show [website; Facebook] had to be shortened a bit due to storm warnings, but — after spending about six hours among the art and people, and snapping many photos — it’s easy to conclude that this neighborhood tradition was another enjoyable and successful Stockade event.  Here are almost a hundred images of the winning art, and the exhibits, artists and visitors, along with street scenes in our lovely historic district.

  . . .

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners: John Elliott, Mabel Leon and Steve Kowalski:


. .  the Young Artist Awards . .

Anna Torri, Elizabeth Petta and Quinn Guerino


 Winners of various special awards: 1. Best Depiction of the Stockade Neighborhood: Linda Kollar; 2. Oakroom Artists: Robin Rosenthal; 3. People’s Choice: DiAnne Tracy; 4. First-time Exhibitor: Cynthia Romano.


Linda Kollar’s winning painting for Best Stockade Depiction:

– 15 N. Ferry St. –

 .  . . Separate images of the above winning art can be found in the slideshow and gallery below . . .

 . . .

– an exhibit alongside the old Arthur’s Market [L], with detail [R]-

Honorable Mention was given to:

Linda Starr, Frank Gilmore,  Robin Rosenthal, Debbie Park-Boussu, Robert Bootier, and Tim Prendergast.  Examples of their winning work can be found below, along with scores of other photos from often-blustery 61st Stockade Outdoor Art Show.

 The 2012 Outdoor Art Show will surely be remembered for the nagging wind that required constant vigilance to protect the assembled artwork and people.  Jeffrey Bisaillon‘s piece “Coastal Front” is at the head of the paragraph and sets the tone.  Mabel Leon’s hands-on efforts (below) at securing her art is representative of the efforts of many other of the exhibitors:


The following Slideshow has over 90 images from the 61st Stockade Outdoor Art Show. [Feel free to help me identify any of the artists I have missed in my descriptions, by leaving a comment or sending me an email.]

  Below the Slideshow is a gallery containing each image.  Click on one for a larger versionSharing: Artists are free to use any of the photos of their work in this posting, and others may use them for any noncommercial purpose, with an attribution to “suns along the Mohawk” and the photographer, David Giacalone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 Although they are helped by many hard-working volunteers, SVOAS is very much a family affair, and heartfelt thanks go to Connie and Marty Colangelo and Deb and Matt Volk, and all those in the Stockade family who help make the show a success.

There are many family acts among the Art Show exhibitors, too, including:  The Alcevedo father and son; Beth and Elizabeth Petta; Claire and Gale DellaRocco; Emma Boers and her grandmother Sylvie Spradlin; Molly Biggers and mom Linda. [please let me know if I have missed any related exhibitors]

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Please: If a winning artist has a website I’ve missed, let me know so I can link to  it.

. . Here’s a Gallery with all of the above images and photographs (click on one for a larger version):



  1. Thank you for posting my painting of “Nassir” the Rhodesian Ridgeback. A good number of talented people had shown some great work. Hoping to make sure I get in next year.

    • You are most welcome, Robert. Thanks for providing me with a shot of your painting. Come back next year.

  2. Hi David! Thank you for the exposure in your blog! I was actually curious if you wouldn’t mind me using the photo with me with my exhibit. I am going to have my work published in a magazine and I needed a photo of myself with my work. I would give your name to have the photo credited. I see the copyright allows distribution but wasn’t sure if this counted. Thanks again!

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