Posted by: David Giacalone | September 8, 2013

scenes from the 2013 Art Show

It was a people-watchin’, photo-snappin’, slow-schmoozin’ kinda day for me yesterday, at the 62nd Stockade Outdoor Art Show. My shutter finger was way too busy, so it has taken me too long to hammer this piece, and the earlier posting presenting the Show Winners, into shape for this website.  Happily, troublesome technical difficulties and delays due to my webserver have so far failed to sour my mood, thanks to the afterglow from yesterday’s enjoyable event, and the blue sky out my window.  This post, as usual, has a selective but wide array of images that caught my eye while shooting yesterday or editing since then.  Colors, people, light and shadow, and/or interesting art can be seen in over 70 photos.


All of the photos in the Slideshow can be found again at the bottom of this posting as clickable thumbnail images with brief descriptions.  There was far too much for anyone to see or record at the Show, and I apologize to all the fine artists and interesting people and pieces that have not made it into this posting. (When you’re finished here, you can click to visit the Show’s Facebook Page. If you came from there, thanks for taking their suggestion.)

As with prior coverage of the Art Show, I hope knowledgeable people will let me know in a comment or email if I have mislabeled a person or piece, or otherwise gotten my facts confused.  If I have pictured your exhibit without having your name, please let me know. The subject artists may use any of the images without asking permission.  Others may also do so, if their use is non-commercial.  A credit to suns along the Mohawk would be appreciated.

  . . .

– both Ethan [L] and Lorraine were first-timers at the Outdoor Art Show –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  In addition to arts-related activities depicted in this posting, I’d like to mention that Bob and Sylvie Briber spent the day promoting the upcoming Stockade Walkabout.  Yes, the Walkabout is back, with an impressive array of houses on the list.  It takes place Saturday, September 28, from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M., rain or shine.  You can purchase advance tickets and save a few dollars by going to the Stockade Association’s Walkabout webpage.


– as always, St. George’s was a beautiful backdrop for many exhibitors, like Shantra Nair, above –

IMG_1234  . . .  IMG_1251 Another venerable Stockade addition is also back: Arthur’s Market.  It will be fully operational in October, but owner-manager-host-dreamer Richard Genest brought lots of goodies from his Moon & River Cafe to the Market for yesterday’s Art Show, and will also do so for the Walkabout.  I was inspired to make a collage of photos I took of and at Arthur’s Market  yesterday, to celebrate its return.

OAS2013-arthur'sback Click on the collage thumbnail for a more satisfying viewing of the collage.


OAS2013-PettaExhib . . . . OAS2013-SusanWileyExhib

– from the Petta [L] and Wiley exhibits –

– if you missed it, click to see the winning art and artists

– thanks again to all who helped to make the event such a success.

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 p.s.  Getting to know the artists has been one big benefit of taking my camera to the Show the past five years and highlighting the Show here at suns along the Mohawk.  On Saturday, I missed seeing the work of several of my favorite artists from other years, like Stockade neighbors Steve Kowalski and Frank Gilmore, as well as Gail and Claire DellaRocco, and Christine Romano.  When I ran into Chris and Gail and Claire on Saturday, they told me they wanted more new pieces to present before returning and promised to be back in full force next year.   I hope so.

The Slideshow photos can be examined more closely in this Gallery.



  1. Wonderful images David- as usual!

    Chris W.

    • thanks for all your encouragement, Chris.

  2. Great job, David!

    • Many thanks, John. I hope to see you and your winners again next year.

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