Posted by: David Giacalone | March 20, 2011

a Stockade view of the Super Full Moon

Despite a woefully shaky practice shoot the evening before, I recklessly went out last night without a tripod to take pictures of the so-called Super Full Moon* in the eastern sky, and then again this morning as it was setting in the west.  Clouds, plus bad timing and angles, provided even more frustrations.  The result was a batch of photos with mostly egg-shaped, double, blurry or unidentifiable full moons.  Nonetheless, I did get relatively lucky a few times and the results are shown below.

* The biggest and brightest “perigee” full moon in 18 years. Click for more info from NASA.

– the Super Full Moon setting behind Gateway Landing around 7 AM Sunday (March 20, 2011) –

– click on a photo for a larger version and scroll on it for a description –

– a Stockade legend checks out the Super Full Moon –


. . .

– two views from Washington Avenue – looking east on Saturday evening (L) and west on Sunday morning


– a morning view from the end of Cucumber Alley –

In 18 years, I should have acquired a tripod (and a walker) to assist my next Super Full Moon photo shoot.  Of course, I can’t promise to still have an active weblog.

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IMG_1182cupdate (April 8, 2020): Yep, “Suns along the Mohawk” is still active,” even if I am slowing down.  Our posting on the 2020 Supermoon features more subtle images, due to clouds.


  1. I thought that the view at the top of N. Ferry St. was wonderful. We could see the supermoon between the tree and Lawrence and it was absolutely awesome. Thank you for the great pictures throughout the year. I send them to past residents that grew up in the Stockade.

    • Thanks, Connie, for your many great comments throughout the years.

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