Posted by: David Giacalone | April 7, 2020

supermoon 2020 seen from the Stockade


. . from the Riverside Park play lot, through the climbing bars . .


Monday night

The big, white full moon that I saw before twilight from Riverside Park yesterday (Monday, April 6, 2020; image to left) was so clear and lovely that it raised my expectations for tonight’s SuperMoon. It would look pink or orangish and be the closest full moon of 2020. [NASA has a great explanation] Unfortunately, a hazy and mostly-cloudy sky dashed my hopes this evening for a big, clear orange ball.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the wait with the Chilton Brothers, the stroll to find more viewpoints, and the results, once discounted for clouds and clouds and clouds.

 IMG_1170 . .  a practice shot from my backyard; big, round, orange, over Schenectady . . 

It quickly got too cloudy for even tiny orange rays to pierce in the clouds. It was only about 15 minutes from my first photos of the supermoon near the Riverside Park Play Lot along the Mohawk River:



. . and looking east on Ingersoll Avenue:


. . below: seen from Front St. at Ingersoll Ave. through ubiquitous utility wires . .


. . then a S. College St. view from Holy Cross Church driveway. . 


. . after that, the moon was quickly blocked by clouds, as I sought a good spot to view it at Union St. and Erie Boulevard.

IMG_1188All and all, no celestial fireworks, but a nice lunar experience from the Schenectady Stockade. If I happen to be awake around 6 AM Wednesday morning (not likely), and there are some breaks in the clouds (also unlikely), I will shoot a few images toward the west from the rear of Cucumber Alley.


BONUS: RECALLING 2011. By the way, 2011 was a very good year to see the supermoon from the Stockade (see our coverage). Here are two examples:


. . above: Lawrence with Supermoon, late March 19, 2011; below: Gateway Landing gazebo with Supermoon, early March 20, 2011 . .


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