Posted by: David Giacalone | April 4, 2011

graffiti by an April fool

Sunday morning April 3, 2011, my Stockade neighbors discovered a rash of graffiti cutting a path down N. College St. and then up Green St. to N. Ferry, and then west on Union St. to S. Church St.   By my count, fourteen properties had been tagged.  Below is a slideshow with more than two dozen photographs of the graffiti.

update (20Feb2013): click for more Union St. tagging . lower Union St. Tagging - 20Feb2013

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Each Slideshow photo appears in the photo gallery below.

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  1. this was the work of 2 youths- one has tagged up all over town before REITS but his tag has changed to a more looping style- they work together- walking slowly – making sure no cars or people are about- they are careful to protect each other- expect more of this team- if they encounter traffic near a spot where they want to tag they will stall – stop to light a cigarette- change direction- make a phone call- and after the person has passed they will resume tagging- a number of spots they tagged were well lighted- when they work together lighting is less of a deterrent

    • HI, Tom, This certainly sounds like the likely scenario I have envisioned. It you have seen them working, could you help the police identify them?

      • i would, but i have not seen them

  2. Open Season on Graffiti Vandals! Beat them Up Good

    • Let’s just catch them and jail ’em.

  3. you should do a follow up canvas to determine which property owners have removed G and which have not

    • Tom, even though our intentions might be good in exposing properties that have not been quickly refurbished, I’m not willing to be a snitch — especially at my weblog. Most property owners acted very quickly. I hope those with graffiti on bare brick are looking for as good a method as possible for restoring their walls to their original condition.

  4. Set a reward for their conviction and I’m sure these losers will rat on eachother.

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