Posted by: David Giacalone | December 19, 2020

31 inches is a lot of snow

We awoke Thursday (Dec. 17) to a lot of snow in the New York Capital District. The Albany Times Union reported that Schenectady received just under 31 inches of snow; Albany about 23 inches, and Saratoga Springs almost 36 inches.  A lot. It was also rather cold, with windchills in the teens all day. [see reporting and forecasts by NewsChannel 10’s chief meteorologist Steve Caporizzo.] 

Nonetheless, I got out twice to snap photos in the Schenectady Stockade neighborhood, first about 9 AM, when the snow was basically untouched and still falling lightly, and later in the late afternoon, when we could tell that much of the Stockade had not been plowed.  My morning shoot focused on the two blocks of Washington Avenue that straddle Cucumber Alley on the west and Front Street on the East. When I first looked out the window, I was pleased to see that no one had yet cleared the snow off the parked vehicles, creating one of my favorite snow effects. See the image above this paragraph, and this one:

One measure of the amount of snow that needed to be removed from our streets is the fate of Lawrence the Indian:

. . Lawrence Circle at 4 PM Thursday . . 

. . Lawrence Circle 5 PM Friday:

The following Slideshow presents images from my morning and evening photoshoots on December 17 and my late afternoon Stockade stroll on Friday, December 18. (For a larger version of a Slideshow photo, pause on the image and right-click; then choose Show Image in a Separate Window.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



above: view of N. Ferry from Union St., 4:30 PM, Dec. 17 . . 


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