Posted by: David Giacalone | February 14, 2015

Valentine flamingos visit Lawrence again in the Stockade

Apologies. Through some sort of technical problem (or Senior Moment), the content of this wonderful webpage has been lost. It will soon be reconstructed. Click on the Valentine Flamingo category link for much more flamingo whimsy. Thanks for your patience.

Update (April 20, 2021): I just all the photos from the original posting.  Here’s a start. I shall return soon. Really.





  1. I am currently dating a girl from Duanesburg, and it was a blast how we first met in Schenectady on Valentine’s Day after long weeks of chatting at To our big surprise, while walking the area at sunset on February 13, the flamboyant flamingo stock had already landed. I was told by Linda that this mysterious annual migration has dumbfounded local residents for years. Nevertheless, the latter were observed smiling a little more warmly than usual on Valentine’s Day, despite the snow, ice and cold.

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