Posted by: David Giacalone | March 7, 2011

ice jamming along the Mohawk

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With so much rain and melting over the weekend, and snow overnight on Sunday, ice jams and rising waters are expected along the Mohawk.  Below are photos of the unfolding events seen from Riverside Park and also the end of Cucumber Alley.   Despite some dramatic ice jam displays along the River, today’s frigid temperatures and snowfall appear to have postponed any flooding.

Larger versions of photos seen in the Slideshow can be viewed by clicking on the images in the Gallery below; scroll over the Gallery photos for descriptions of the pictures.

Here are representative photos showing conditions at 5 PM Sunday and during the snowstorm at 8 AM Monday (click on each for a larger version):

. . .

. . .

– new photos will be added periodically –

– Late afternoon blue skies earned a separate webpost: see blue skies and ice jams” (March 7, 2011); update (Fri., March 11) see our flood watch coverage at “weekend river watch along the Mohawk.”

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– Click on photos in the Gallery below for a larger version and scroll over them for a description:


– post updated with additional photos at: 2 PM Monday.

In February 2010, beautiful and eerie ice floes invaded Riverside Park and Cucumber Alley.  Click on those links to see the icy debris.


  1. David – your pictures are welcoming, it shows what a day can do. Sunday we took a drive up to Lock 9 And from Lock 8 to here the ice was solid. Your pictured are very welcomed. It kept us knowing what’s going on. Wouldn’t it be nice if this all broke up and went down the river and didn’t come on the park or up the streets. For some reason I’m very scared this year, after being over floods so many years.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your very welcome comments again, Helen. The windchill kept me from lingering very long at the Park today. My fingers and shutter button were freezing up frequently, but the results and the kind comments have warmed me up. I hope we get lucky when things start thawing and can avoid flooding, even though it will mean fewer opportunities formy photographic adventures and risk-taking in the Park.

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