Posted by: David Giacalone | December 6, 2009

first snowy morning

detail of Stockade Christmas Tree on the morning of the tree lighting -6Dec09 . .  For the first time this season, the Stockade neighborhood awoke this morning to snow on its lawns, trees, roofs, etc.  The sight seemed worthy of a round of photos, despite having to drag a reluctant old body out into a cold Sunday morning, trying to beat the sun to the snow.   Indeed, my shutter button was quickly balking, along with my gloveless fingers.  Here are some of the images I liked most after my morning shooting stroll around the Stockade and Riverside Park (as usual, click on the photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description).

– the scene from my backyard along the Mohawk River –

. . . . . .

.. Schenectady County Historical Society..

As you may know, tonight at 5 PM, the Stockade Christmas tree lighting will take place.  Here’s the scene at Lawrence’s Circle about 8:30 AM, December 6, 2009:

. . . . . . . . . .

. . under sun & moon . .

Up North Ferry St. from the Circle, I stopped to admire the beauty of the cemetery alongside St. George’s Episcopal Church:

The tree at 26 Front St. that I love to photograph for its magnolias in early Spring displayed the dusting of snow in the early sunshine:

Also saw a few angles at 1st Reform Church, too –

. .

Naturally, I ended up down at Riverside Park for a few first-snow photos along the Mohawk:

. . . CSX trestle bridge . .

When the shutter button refused to function and the “replace batteries” sign flashed, I decided to head home for coffee and talking heads.

. . two more Stockade evergreens . . 


  1. You do Mother Nature justice!

  2. Dave —– Beautiful and breathe taking, Simply just georgeous. Can’t describe it any other way. helen

  3. Thanks, Beverly and Helen. Your words make me want to keep on snapping.

  4. Great pictures! Thank you David.

  5. […] In fact, I obliviously walked right by them early on Sunday, when I was out taking pictures of our first snowy morning, after my camera and brain both froze up in the frigid […]

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