Posted by: David Giacalone | December 1, 2009

from dreary to dramatic

. . . early sunset . . . . .

A dreary gray sky yielded to a dramatic sunset today, as the clouds broke up after 4 P.M.  The sky was filled with sunset hues of pink, gold, bluegray and more, in virtually every direction.

The resulting photos can be seen throughout this posting (as always, click on a picture to go to a larger version, and scroll over it for a brief description).

. . . here’s the southern sky . .



. .. and the northern:

. . .   . . .

. . . looking east:

. . . . . and looking west:

. . . . .


  1. You are an artist–and a poet.

  2. And, you’re such a Sweet-Talker, BE. Thanks for being honorary president of my hypothetical fan club.

  3. Dave —- I’m sorry it took so long to get to my computer but I had a bad flare up (medical expression) but I would like to see someone who could put these colors on canvas who could reproduce these colors the same, many have tried but none have had success.

    • Later is certainly lots better than never, Helen. I’d gladly stop taking pictures if I could paint comparable ones. I hope you can avoid those flare ups.

      • Life doesn’t have to be an either/or deal–“both” is always a possibility.

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