Posted by: David Giacalone | February 25, 2011

a little color in a grayscale snowstorm (updated)

. . . 

With a full gray cloud cover and steady snowfall, it wasn’t easy finding splashes of color early this morning in the Stockade.   As the slideshow below shows, however, a trip to Riverside Park along the Mohawk River proved rewarding.

At a little before 8 A.M., my camera and I shared Riverside Park with two “free-range” doggies and their mistresses (who shall remain anonymous).

. . .

On the way back home from the Park, I came up Front St. and stopped to photograph a couple other Stockade icons.

If you like the colorful Riverside Park playground and lovely bare limbs [on trees] as much as I do, I think you will enjoy the Slideshow.  For a larger version of any of the photos in the Slideshow, click on its image in the Gallery at the bottom of this posting.

update (Sunday Feb. 27, 2011): a few more photos taken this morning at the tot lot have been added to this webpost between the Slideshow and the Gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


. here are pictures taken early on Sunday, Feb. 27 at the Tot Lot (click on each for a larger version):


. . . 

. a Sunday morning stroll with Clifford .

. . .



– For a larger version of any of the photos in the Slideshow, click on its image in the following Gallery –


  1. Enjoyed the photos very much.

    Thanks, David.


  2. Hi David – your pictures really show the snow day. Beautiful!! I am sure that I am probably [not] the only one that thinks snow in its first snowfall is beautiful. Thanks.

    • Thank you, Yu, and Connie. I think you might have left a “not” out of your comment, Connie, so I added it in above. Many things look a lot better covered with new snow — especially, old snow.

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