Posted by: David Giacalone | June 6, 2009

a sidewalk sale stroll with Sylvie and Lollipop

Stockade Sidewalk Sale - Plastic Snack 06June09  Our tagline promises Stockade sundries, and a stroll around today’s neighborhood Sidewalk Sale with Stockade Spy editor (and village sophisticate) Sylvie Briber, and her color-coordinated canine companion Lollipop (a/k/a “Lolli” or “Pops”), produced a few images that cried out for posting here at SAM. [Disclaimer: Our curmudgeonly editor insists you be advised that Cute Pet Posts, as well as Cute Human Shots, will be a rarity at this weblog.]

Stockade Sidewalk Sale Snapshots, June 6, 2009 (as always, click on the photo to enlarge):

Stockade Sidewalk Sale - Lollipop Shops 06June09

Lollipop Shops and Sniffs

. . .

canine cuties on Front Street – David Hawkey’s dog Casey and Lollipop

. . .

– Sylvie models headwear on Washington Ave.-

. . .

the real Sylvie?

. . .

– more doggies and piggies –


. . .

Stockade Sidewalk Sale - shock and awe 06June09

– Sylvie causes shock and awe for Daniel on Washington Ave. –

Blame today’s subject matter on excessive exposure to the sun on this gorgeous late-Spring Saturday in the Stockade.

p.s. Since we’re doing sundries and eschewing sunsets today, can anyone explain this sign, seen near State Street and the Grog Shoppe on Erie Boulevard?  Is this another Schenectady example of “if you put up a sign it will happen?”

but where does it start?
but where does it start?

update (June 12, 2009):  No one responded to our request for more information about the Scenic Byway, so we dug a little deeper and posted “Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway?” this morning.

Scenic Byway View - Erie Blvd. looking southward . . . in case you’re wondering what the “scenic byway” leading up to this sign looks like, here’s the view.

afterthought (9 PM):  Did I say no sunset shots today?  Forget it.  Here’s a perfect nightcap for a lovely Saturday:

Sunset-Mohawk-Scotia 06Jun09

. . . and (Sunday update), the view from the rear of 16 Washington Ave., Sunday, June 7, 2009:

Stockade Sunset - 16 Washington Ave. - 07Jun09


  1. Silly is good–especially on a sparky day like today. LOVED Silly Sylvie…(and Loony Lolli?)

  2. Where were you today, Beverly? You certainly would have inspired a snapshot or two worth including among this lighter fare.

  3. Love all of your pictures that you are posting online! Both those dogs are just as cute as can be. You can tell by the looks on their faces they are pampered pooches and are having a good time, too.
    You may wonder who I am. I subscribe to the Stockade mailing list-just to be aware of what goes on there…and to be privy to the likes of your photos…I am a native Schenectadian, as were my parents-but we moved to the West Coast when I was a young girl. I love coming back on vacations whenever I can. This is the third year I have brought 1 of each of my 3 grandsons with me to share the experience. Will be back the beginning of July-so save some of those wonderful sunsets for me!

    • Many thanks, Barbara. With your encouragement, I’ll be out there snapping sunsets despite the swarms of mosquitos that will soon be sharing Riverside Park with us each evening. Don’t forget, you can stop by Suns Along the Mohawk at any time, at . As they say, “bookmark this page.” See you in July.

  4. […] — in addition to editing The Stockade Spy –are making friends for herself (and her dog Lollipop), singing at church and community events, and baking professional-looking desserts.  Yesterday, at […]

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