Posted by: David Giacalone | June 8, 2009

sunday’s special sunset

Sunset - towers from the Wash. Ave. deadend - 07Jun09 Did you have a ya-ya with you to share the sunset experience last night?  In case you missed the bracingly beautiful sunset presented along the Mohawk last night — Sunday, June 7, 2009 — here are a few shots snapped from Cucumber Alley and Riverside Park.  It’s June, it’s breezy, it’s not too-buggy yet.  Could we ask for more? (Well, a ya-ya would be nice.)

Sunset - from the rear of 16 Washington Ave. - 07Jun09b

. . .

Sunset - off Cucumber Alley - 07Jun09

. . .

Sunset - from 16 Wash. Ave. - 07Jun09

. . .

sunset - from a bench near Governor's Lane - 07Jun09

. . .

 - not a ya-ya in site at the deadend -

- deadend: not a ya-ya in sight -

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