Posted by: David Giacalone | June 5, 2009


Moon & River- RBeary

we run
out of words

…. poem by Roberta Beary -orig. pub. in M. H. Siddiqui’s “Season’s Greetings 2009 Letter: Stream – River”, 2008; pub. pending in ‘nothing left to say‘, King’s Road Press, Hexagram Series, Marco Fraticelli, Ed.); photo: David Giacalone

A highlight of my recent trip to the DC area was finally meeting my internet and telephonic friend, Roberta Beary in person.  Because Roberta is a much-honored haiku poet who appreciates moons and rivers (and combinations thereof), I brought her a tee-shirt from the Stockade’s Moon & River Cafe.

In response, Roberta reminded me of the above poem, which will be included in her book being published this summer titled ‘nothing left to say‘, in the prestigious Hexagram Series from King’s Road Press.  Because I don’t have any photos of the moon shining on the Mohawk, I decided to snap one outside the cafe, at 115 S. Ferry St., and turn it into a haiga (image with linked haiku).  Although Owner-Manager-Chef Richard Genest doesn’t use the internet, I hope he’ll see and enjoy this posting.

. . . click for another version of the rivermoon haiga:  Moon River Beary2

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