Posted by: David Giacalone | July 22, 2018

a mini-Garden Tour

IMG_7978 (1) I wish I had started out earlier in the day, yesterday (Saturday, July 21, 2018), so that I could have seen all of the gardens presented in the Stockade Association’s 2018 Stockade “Art & Nature” Garden Tour.  As it is, I only visited 5 of the 8 private gardens on the tour. See “Tour art and nature in the Stockade” (Schenectady Gazette, by Indiana Nash, July 19, 2018).

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. . above and below: 32 Front St.; Garden of Robert Woods; art by Kathy Klompas . . 



. . below: Peter Rumora’s conifer garden, 31 Front St. 


The Slideshow below follows my path around the west end of the Stockade, with over 40 photographs. The images are repeated in the Thumbnail grid at the bottom of the posting; click on any of those images for a larger version.

IMG_7984 . . IMG_7983

. . above: Garden of Armida Rose, 101Front St, with felting art by  Joyce Muller-McCoola 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


. . Riverside Park .  IMG_8010



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