Posted by: David Giacalone | July 18, 2018

mid-July at the new train Station



 . . IMG_7872

Since I visited the site of construction for the new Schenectady Amtrak Train Station in March of this year, at Liberty St. and Erie Blvd., abutting our “Wall Street”, things are chugging along, it seems. (see “progress at the new train station” March 23, 2018). The photos above and in the Slideshow were taken on July 12 and July 17, 2018.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I had hope that the front façade of the Station would be fully bricked when I headed back on July 17, but that may take a few more does.

One thing that did disappoint me (which will be no surprise to those familiar with my preoccupations) can best be shown by putting a photo from March 23 and one from July 12 side by side. No words needed:

DSCF3787 . . IMG_7876

. . and, here is one more tribute to that lost tree:




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