Posted by: David Giacalone | September 13, 2018

Train Station gets its Gold Dome (update: and clock)

StationOpeningDay1. . update: see our Coverage of the Station Opening.

(October 17, 2018) (11:30 AM) The Schenectady Train Station was indeed officially opened this morning, in a ceremony attended by Lt. Gov. Nancy Hochul, U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, Mayor Gary McCarthy and many other local and state officials. See “Schenectady train station officially opens” (Daily Gazette, by Andrew Beam & Steven Cook, Oct. 17. 2018).

. . and, its Name: (Sept. 26, 2018):

SchdyStaNamed2 . . SchdyStaNamed1

IMG_8538-001 update (September 18, 2018): The new Schenectady Amtrak Station now has a clock under its dome. It is manufactured by the Electric Time Company of Medfield, Massachusetts. The clock read 12:00 when I went by at 11 AM and again while I was there ninety minutes later. You can share this post with this shorter URL:

Gaz-StationClocks-DAG Thank you, Gazette, for using the above photo in the article “Schenectady’s Train station’s clocks (old and new) have their own story to tell (Daily Gazette, Sept. 26, 2018, by Bill Buell).

The spectacular sky and cloud-scape, inspired a few more photos of the clock, building, workmen, etc., as you can see in this slide of photos taken during the noon hour of Sept. 18, 2018:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


IMG_8553-001 . . [L] view from State Street.

. . original posting, Sept. 13, 2018 . . This morning, Schenectady’s new Amtrak station got its gold dome.




Gazette reporter Andrew Beam wrote this morning that:


Gazette photo by Marc Schultz

The gold-colored dome has been placed atop the new Schenectady Amtrak station.

Crews lifted it up Thursday morning as the station on Erie Boulevard gets ever closer to completion.

Though gold-colored, the dome is not actually made of gold. It’s a combination of elements applied to the structure resulted in the gold coloring, state officials say. It gets its color through a process that created a durable, corrosion-resistant coating.

Plattsburgh-based Murnane Building Contractors is building the train station.

IMG_8536  . . IMG_8526



IMG_7872 For more pictures of the progress over this year of the new train station project, go here.

. . . By the Way, this is what the Old Union Station looked like. It was demolished in 1969.


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