Posted by: David Giacalone | September 13, 2018

Train Station gets its Gold Dome (update: and clock)

IMG_8538-001 update (September 18, 2018): The new Schenectady Amtrak Station now has a clock under its dome. It is manufactured by the Electric Time Company of Medfield, Massachusetts. The clock read 12:00 when I went by at 11 AM and again while I was there ninety minutes later. You can share this post with this shorter URL:

The spectacular sky and cloud-scape, inspired a few more photos of the clock, building, workmen, etc., as you can see in this slide of photos taken during the noon hour of Sept. 18, 2018:

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IMG_8553-001 . . [L] view from State Street.

. . original posting, Sept. 13, 2018 . . This morning, Schenectady’s new Amtrak station got its gold dome.




Gazette reporter Andew Beam wrote this morning that:


Gazette photo by Marc Schultz

The gold-colored dome has been placed atop the new Schenectady Amtrak station.

Crews lifted it up Thursday morning as the station on Erie Boulevard gets ever closer to completion.

Though gold-colored, the dome is not actually made of gold. It’s a combination of elements applied to the structure resulted in the gold coloring, state officials say. It gets its color through a process that created a durable, corrosion-resistant coating.

Plattsburgh-based Murnane Building Contractors is building the train station.

IMG_8536  . . IMG_8526


For more pictures of the progress of the new train station project, go here.

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