Posted by: David Giacalone | September 8, 2018

Images of the 2018 Stockade Outdoor Art Show


Best Stockade Depiction – Ritvik Sharma


follow-up (Tuesday Eve., Sept. 9, 2018): I’ve been adding more photos since the update at midnight on Sunday.  The 2nd Slideshow below now has 50 photographs, and the entire posting almost 200. Thanks to all who have stopped by and clicked on many images of art and artists.

8 PM Sunday Report (Sept. 8, 2018): GOOD NEWS. It has been a tumultuous day of computer and webserver disasters, but I have been able to post most of the photos I had hoped to share from yesterday’s Stockade Outdoor Art Show.  I have not tried to reconstruct the original, artsy-er formatting of the crashed webpost, or to identify all the people, art, and exhibits, because I dare not tempt the computer demons with more editing.


Scroll down to find well over a hundred photos. Please enjoy. And, share this webpost with this shorter URL:

2018StockadeArtShowWinners2Click on the WINNERS LIST to the right for a larger version

  • Many thanks to the Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show organizers and volunteers. And, warm thanks and smiles for all the artists, neighbors, and visitors who made the event glow, despite the overcast gray sky.
  • You can see last year’s gorgeous Stockade Art Show, by heading to our post “2017 Outdoor Art Show shines.” There was a wonderful blue sky, with many of the same artists as this year, and more exhibitors.

This Column of Square Tiles presents the Prize-winning Art and Artists. Roll over a tile for its caption. Click on a tile for a full and larger version, and caption.


  • Request: If you have an image of the Jake Matusic piece that took the 3rd place prize in the Youth Category, please send it to me, so that I can include it in this posting. Thanks.

Finally: 7:30 Sunday: As you can see below, I put up a mega-Slideshow. I hope you can enjoy the almost 100 images. Please forgive my not being able to identify everyone, or bring some order to the presentation.

  • To see a larger version of a slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


IMG_8467-001 . . Lawrence Circle with winning art

Midnight Slideshow offers more sights.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

detail Below are a few “thumbnail” photos of two new “Youth” exhibitors, who I had the pleasure to meet at the Outdoor Art Show, and who I hope will be back often, even though their talents will clearly soon take them to a much wider audience. Janinna (in black top below) and Christina are from Mohonasen High in Rotterdam. Click on an image for a larger version.


ValRobert2017 p.s. A special mea culpa to Val and Andrea Robert. After joking with them about schmoozing so much I sometimes forget to snap a photo, I did just that at their exhibit on Green Street on Saturday. To the left, you can see the Man in the Orange Shirt at the Winners Circle in 2017. Find images of many of his fine works here.

  • Images may be used by the artist for any purpose without further permission from David Giacalone, who holds the copyright. Others may use images for non-commercial purposes. Please attribute the photographs to “suns along the Mohawk” and David Giacalone.

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