Posted by: David Giacalone | September 2, 2018

we need more Guyana Days

IMG_8234 Today was my first visit to Grout Park (a/k/a Grout Athletic Fields) and to a Guyana Day celebration.  Being neither an athlete nor sport spectator, I found no particular reason to return to Grout Park, unless there are a lot of Guyanese folks there (or people similarly friendly, interesting, and attractive).  I snapped a lot of photos in my two-hour stay, but also had some good conversations, enjoyed the aromas of great food, and felt lots of good vibes. Clearly, I’m sorry I have not been savvy enough to head to previous Guyana Day events, at Grout Park or Central Park. [See a Gazette article about the event here, with photos by Marc Schultz, and reportage by Kassie Parisi.]


. . above: a scene from one of many cricket games; below: the Touch of Class tent, with a sleeping baby Alexander . . 


. . . IMG_8221-Andrew-001

. . below: three visitors to M. Hafez’s Crane Insurance exhibit . . 


Below you will find about 50 more images from my Guyana Day visit.

  • Click on any of the photos in the tiled columns for a larger version.


IMG_8173-001 . . IMG_8170 


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