Posted by: David Giacalone | October 3, 2018

2nd Edition of Jamming on the Mohawk

Jamming2dCover Of the six Stockade-themed photobooks I have put together, my personal favorite has always been “Jamming on the Mohawk: ice floes and jams along the Mohawk River near the Schenectady Stockade” (2014).  After experiencing and shooting 2018’s massive ice jam; its floes invading our Park and yards; and the flash-freeze flood of January; plus, flooding with floes in February, I knew I needed to update Jamming, to commemorate the beautiful phenomena of the winter of 2018. [for example, see here and there] The result is “Jamming on the Mohawk II: ice floes and jams along the Mohawk River near the Schenectady Stockade” (2nd Edition, Sept. 2018, 21 pages).

  • Jamming II  has over 60 photos, 16 of them from the winter of 2018, and about four dozen taken from 2010 through 2014.
  • update (January 2019): Click here to see Jamming 3, a slightly improved version.

As I’ve said before, I put the photobook together for my own pleasure and those of other viewers, rather than as a business. Therefore, I’m pleased that you can see the entire book at the Shutterfly website without having to buy it. Just click this perma-link: Jamming II .

  • And, if you would like to purchase a copy, either hardcover or softcover, you can do so at my price to print the book, using available discounts (plus, postage, if necessary), rather than paying the higher regular price at Shutterfly. Just contact me [David Giacalone], if you are interested.
  • You can find larger version of the photos in Jamming II, plus many others, by going to our prior Ice-floes-jams postings.

Jamming2RearCover . . . rear cover

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