Posted by: David Giacalone | May 16, 2010

Planting Day 2010

– flat-fulls of annuals were ready for planting in prepared flower beds yesterday at Riverside Park –

Remember to click on a photo for a larger, clearer image, and to scroll over it for a description.

They came on foot, and by auto, wagon and stroller, on a picture-perfect Spring morning.  They came solo, in couples, and en masse.  There were toddlers, scholars, Boomers, and Seniors. They came on Saturday May 15, 2010, for Planting Day 2010 in Riverside Park (see our coverage in 2009).

. . . . . .

As expected, Jennifer Wells and Carol DeLaMarter were there first. But many other Stockadians, along with a group of students from Union College, trickled in after 9 AM, with many staying until lunch at Noon.  I was there weeding, pruning and snapping photos for the first hour of Planting Day, and came back early in the afternoon to see the results of the labors of a few dozen Park and flower lovers (once again finding Jennifer and Carol at work).

This post presents my haphazard recording of some of the people and scenes at the event.

. . .

– Owen and his dad Dale chose to help prepare the area under the blooming red horse-chestnut tree for new flowers –

-Tom Hodgkins brought his kids, ready to work and charm –

. .

. . . .

Jennifer Wells again served many roles from manager, head coach and planner to hands-on equipment operator.

. . .

And Union College students — “neighbors” from the Union crew team — helped with weeding and preparation of the flower beds, before starting to plant assorted annuals:

. . .

. . .

On my return around 1 PM, I focused on the showcase flowerbed on the southwest border of Riverside Park.  It was well-weeded and tilled, and had lovely new annuals that will soon grow into their full glory.

. . .

follow-up (8 PM Sunday, May 16, 2010):  Jennifer Wells just sent an email thanking all who helped and letting us know Planting Day 2010 was a big success.  Jennifer said:

“Thanks to Bob, Sue, Linda, Carol, Bill, Fred, Greg, David, Mabel, Beverly, Marge, Susanne, Rob, Lydia, Dale, Mary, Jessica,  Michelle, Lauren, Oren, Tim and his progeny and others from the community, and a huge thanks to the Union College Crew.  Under a bright, cool, and blustery sky – a near perfect day — we had about 40 people turn out to help set up and plant the gardens on Washington at RiversidePark.  For the first time, we got the whole thing done in one day including painting the planters.  Many hands make light work!  The Stockade Association provided sandwiches with everyone fully enjoyed.”

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