Posted by: David Giacalone | December 31, 2015

first snow at the new Play Lot

IMG_0159ladybugcameo Thanks to a gentle reminder on Tuesday from Schenectady Corporation Counsel Carl Falotico (who should not be confused with the good luck Lady Bug to the left), I captured the first snowfall of the year the day it happened (Dec. 29, 2015), at our new Riverside Park play lot. Carl recalled that I had wondered aloud if the new play lot would be as charming as the configuration we had come to know and love. Although there really wasn’t enough snow for a truly fair comparison, I will admit that I am still “nostalgic for the Old Play Lot” (click on the nostalgia link to see why; and see our FCSS fundraising 2016 Play Lot Calendar, which has monthly photos of the old and new versions).



Nevertheless, the batch of photos presented in the following slideshow, proves you can find quite a bit of charm at the new play lot on a snowy day — especially with the Mohawk River nearby. (To see a  larger version of a slideshow image, pause the Show, and right-click on the image; then choose Show Image in a New Tab.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Happiest of New Years to all the young at heart who I hope to see at the Play Lot in many seasons of 2016.


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