Posted by: David Giacalone | November 5, 2015

already nostalgic for our Old Play Lot


– on a foggy morning, ghostly images pass by now-defunct playground equipment (21Sep2011) –

25feb2011-gliders The new equipment and layout at the Riverside Park “playground” may turn out to be adequate, and even fun. (See the New Equipment installation Slideshow, and this posting of the completed play lot.). I’ll be watching and listening to the reactions and assessments of kids and parents over the next few seasons, and seeing whether the new arrangement is as photogenic in the fog and snowstorms. Nonetheless, whatever the verdict may be on the McCarthy Administration “improvements,” I plan to be nostalgic about the Kiddie Lot that I came to know and love over the past two decades for as long as my memory and/or this website is functioning, and to be grateful that the pre-existing Slide has survived the big eviction.

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25feb2011-shuttleplus . . parkmulch14may11-cliff5

This Slideshow has about 50 photographs of the former Riverside Park Kiddie Play Lot that I’ve taken over the past six or seven years. (For a larger version of a Slideshow image, pause the Slideshow on the image and right-click on it; then choose Open Image in New Tab. Click directly on the other photos in this posting for a larger version.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



above: April 2010


another day in the Park for Jennifer

18Mar10-spinLoraineabove: Devin & Loraine will miss the “merry-go-round”





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