Posted by: David Giacalone | November 14, 2015

first look at completed Play Lot

IMG_9498 . . . IMG_9874-001

. . above: [L] cleared lot on Nov. 2, 2015 & [R] completed lot on Nov. 11 (click on each for a larger version)

As of Wednesday, November 11, 2015, the mulch was spread and the yellow “keep out” tape taken down, making the new Riverside Park play lot “open for business” and play. The Slideshow below contains photos taken on November 11 under a gray sky and on November 13 under a very blue sky.

To see what the Old Play Lot looked like, go to “already nostalgic for the old play lot” (Nov. 5, 2015).

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This Gallery contains each of the photos found in the Slideshow above.

. . . Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version . . .

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