Posted by: David Giacalone | April 29, 2014

Stockade cherry blossoms 2014 (days #2 to 5)


– looking south from 28 Washington Ave. –

cb2014_4277  . . . cb2014_4280  This afternoon (April 29, 2014, “Day #2”), I encountered a rare event that was too good to ignore: virtually no vehicles parked from #10 to #32 Washington Avenue, plus lovely clouds in a blue sky, with sunshine lighting clusters of the multiplying blossoms.  Just yesterday, I had complained that cars at the curb had ruined a lot of cherry blossom photos; and, I worried this morning that the rain and dark clouds coming this afternoon would reduce my chances for shooting our cherry blossom array over the next few days.



The slideshow below shows the results of this serendipity on my second day of memorializing the 2014 Stockade cherry blossoms. [for the first day’s posting, see “cherry blossom tease“.]  Note that, this being the Stockade, the curbs did not stay car-free for long. Luckily, the blossoms stayed beautiful.

IMG_4430  . . . IMG_4504-001

updates: 15 more photos, taken on May Day, were added that evening; on May 2, 2014, another 14 photos were added about 7 PM.; plus a few on Sunday morning, May, 4, showing that a lot of blossoms had fallen in strong winds overnight.

At the foot of this posting is a Gallery with all the photos from this post  and the earlier one from April 28, 2014.

Click these links to see Stockade blossoms celebrated over the years here at suns along the Mohawk:

2014 cherry blossoms2013 cherry blossoms2012 cherry blossoms2011 cherry blossoms2010 cherry blossoms2009 cherry blossoms2008 cherry blossoms




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


cb2014_4290-001   . . cb2014_4293 .

– 25 Washington Ave. [L] and 10 Washington Ave. –

– two images from May Day:

IMG_4436 . . . IMG_4393

– above: in front of 16 Washington Ave. [L] and 2 Union St. –

. . and two from May 2:


a detour to N. Ferry St. near Union St. –


– and back to Washington Ave. looking north from near the YWCA –

Click on the thumbnails in the Gallery below to see the large photos:

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