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ice jamming all weekend on the Mohawk

follow-up: Click here to see ice floe conditions a week later, Jan. 19 & 20.

flooding update: Monday, January 15, 2018

IMG_5803 . .  IMG_5814

. . above: Riverside Park Esplanade, Monday, 2:30 pm; seen on WTEN with Steve Caporizzo. . 

The River continues to fall, and the NSW shows it at about 4 feet below flood level Monday evening. Ice has been removed from the roadways that were flooded Saturday night, but temperatures have preserved frozen floodwaters elsewhere, creating interesting effects. Below is a 40-photo Monday Slideshow, with the icy Esplanade and Park, and the invaded rear of Cucumber Alley featured.


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IMG_5796 . west end Riverside Park, Monday, 2:15 pm



Park playlot and CSX trestle



3pm Sun.

 The Mohawk River has been coming down very slowly overnight (see National Weather Service chart) at Schenectady, and is likely to be below flood level by early this afternoon [Note: In fact, at 11:45 am, the Mohawk fell below flood stage and is predicted to continue falling.]. Last night and this morning, the ice jam has been stationary, with occasional cracking sounds. By late Saturday night, frozen river water covered Riverside Park and came onto Ingersoll Ave., North Ferry Street, the parking area at the end of Governor’s Lane, as well as the end of Cucumber Avenue. This morning, ice covers each of these narrow roadways, and they may remain icy throughout Sunday and Monday, given the frigid forecast, unless City crews break up and remove it today. (see today’s TU coverage) Temperatures were near zero at sunrise Sunday, with uncomfortable wind chills.

Nonetheless, I took an early photoshoot stroll of the flooded areas, and the results are below. Scroll down further for Saturday’s full photo and video coverage.

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 . . North Street, 8 AM Sunday

Sunday Slideshow – photos taken 7:30 am to 8:15 am.  Note: for a larger version of a Slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab 

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. . Esplanade .  IMG_5734

IMG_5759 . . looking east from west end of Park


west entry to Riverside Park, Sunday 8:15 am

. . .


Saturday update (3:30 PM): The ice floes have stopped flowing for now, but the water level is at flood stage (top of the riverbank), with some water in Riverside Park. See 2 dozen photos in Slideshow II below. Here’s a sample:


NSWGraphSchdyMidniteSat update (Midnight Saturday): The ice field is stationary, with shallow water covering Riverside Park. The latest National Weather Service water level report (image to the right) shows the Mohawk having peaked, and continuing to decline, with the expectation that it will be lower than 220.0 ft, flood stage, by noon on Sunday. (Sunday, 8:30 AM): The Gazette and Times Union tell us that Ingersoll Ave. and North Ferry St. had some flood water last night. I will have photos up at this posting later Sunday morning.

Original Posting

 . . . 

. . above: scene at Riverside Park esplanade [L] 10:17 am; [R] 10:35 am . . thank you, Times Union for using both photos online Saturday afternoon . 

When I got to the end of Washington Avenue and the entryway to Riverside Park at 10:12 am today (Saturday), the Mohawk River was totally still, with stationary chunks of ice crammed together and askew. Twenty minutes later, the ice layer had cracked and the River was a fast-moving torrent of water and ice floes, with many pushing up along the Riverbank.

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. . go to this posting to see what was happening yesterday, Jan. 12.

This video clip was taken at 10:37 AM:


  • I will be adding photos to this posting until early in the afternoon.

Such power:


IMG_5625 . . . stationary floes, along the former Burr Bridge abutment, 10:12 am, at the end of Washington Avenue, 

IMG_5663 . . west end of Riverside Park, 10:36 am, fast-moving floes

The next short clip shows how large ice floes can be pushed up onto the Park itself, as happened in February 2010.


This Slideshow has photos presented in the order taken this morning, between 10:12 am and 10:38 am.

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Two O’Clock Saturday Stroll

My second (and last) Park stroll of the day produced some pretty pictures, along with discovering that:

  1. the top of the ice field had stopped moving
  2. with water creeping up Cucumber Alley, and filling the yards of both Alley houses;
  3. and, it had reached the flood stage along the Stockade river banks,
  4. with some water flowing into Riverside Park, but not past the pedestrian walkway, and mostly on the lawn right at the edge of the riverbank.  See for yourself in this Slideshow #2.

river end of Cucumber Alley, 2:15 pm Sat.

note: for a larger version of a Slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab 

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IMG_5695 . . view west from east end of Park



near Governor’s Lane



esplanade, 2:30 pm Saturday

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mid-January ice jam watch on the Mohawk

red-check update (noon, Saturday, Jan. 13): The ice cover along the Stockade broke about 10:30 am Saturday, and our coverage can be found at the posting “Saturday ice jamming on the Mohawk.

 . . 

above: Mohawk River along the Schenectady Stockade, Jan. 11, 2018

below: west view from Esplanade, Jan. 12, 2018, 5:17 pm



. . 

above4 Washington Ave, raised above the floodline

Over the past couple of days, there has been extensive media coverage of potential ice jamming and resultant flooding along the Stockade stretch of the Mohawk, due to a two-day warming spell (Thursday and today, Friday, Jan. 12) after our long deep-freeze, and heavy rains forecasted for Friday and Saturday.  On Thursday and Friday evenings, there were tv crews at Riverside Park, and web and hardcopy stories in the Daily Gazette and Times Union.

Ch13crew12Jan2018 This morning (Friday), WNYT NewsChannel 13’s Early Today, the #1 morning news show in the Capital District, had a crew broadcasting from Riverside Park from 5 AM to 7 AM, with veteran reporter John Craig stationed at the end of N. Ferry Street, on the Riverside Park esplanade; and, reporter Abigail Bleck arrived while I was there. [see images to the right and below] Click to see a video clip with John and Stockade Association Vice President Colleen Macaulay.

Ch13Studio-Paul12Jan2018 . .


above: [L] a view of Asa Steckel and Subrina Dhammi in the Ch. 13 studio introducing John Craig; and [R] John Craig interviewing Colleen Macaulay . .

I stopped by the esplanade about 6:45 am and enjoyed chatting with the Ch. 13 crew. The consensus seemed to be that there will not be flooding along the Mohawk over the next few days. Should there be any impending or developing flood or ice jam situations over the weekend, I will cover the situation and post photos here.

  • If you really need to see Stockade ice jams, go to our posting from April 2014 to see icy images from 2009 to 2014, which has a photo-spread of my book Jamming on the Mohawk.
  • MohawkLevel2AMJan12 As of 8 AM Friday, January 12, 2018, the National Weather Service is predicting that the Mohawk at Schenectady [Freeman’s Bridge, actually] will not rise to the 220′ flood stage level over the weekend. There is, of course, a disclaimer that the predictions do not take into account ice.

Evening update, Friday, January 12, 2018: The National Weather Service [NWS] continues to predict the Mohawk cresting at Schenectady, a few feet below flood level, Saturday afternoon, and then receding.

NWS measures the Schenectady level of the Mohawk River from Freeman’s Bridge. The side-by-side images below let you compare the Stockade water level with the Freeman’s Bridge chart, at approximately the same time (click on it for a larger version):





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a Christmas Stockade stroll


. . Lawrence with Tree at his Circle, circa 3 P.M. . 

 There were very few folks out on this windy Christmas afternoon, but the Stockade still looked lovely. Enjoy a short stroll-ful of 3 dozen photos in the cozy warmth of your home or office, with the Slideshow below. I hope your Yuletide has been heartwarming.

. . another Lawrence on Front St. . . 

. . pause and right-click on a slideshow image, and choose Open Image in New Tab, for a larger version . . 

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. . click to see Bear The Cat in the Window . . IMG_5466


rear of 23 Front St. along Riverside Park

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one-page Riverside Park 2018 calendars

 Christmas, with the late-December Holiday Season, seems to be coming quite quickly this year, and before it arrives and our focus is elsewhere, I want to thank all those who have visited “suns along the Mohawk” in 2017 — with additional, special appreciation for those who have worked to make the Stockade a special place to live and visit, and those who have expressed their appreciation for this site.

As a small token of my thanks, I’ve put together a number of Riverside Park one-page 2018 calendars for your enjoyment, use, downloading, printing, etc., for your noncommercial use. Each is formatted for 5″ x 7″. Click on a calendar to see a larger version and access the jpg. file for downloading.

. . Wishing all a joy-filled and safe New Year . . 

Our very special neighborhood park deserves and requires our vigilance. That might be why we have that cannon at the end of North Ferry Street.  We want to preserve what makes it so special, for everyone who loves and enjoys it or will in the future, and not — as some Schenectady officials have stated in public — to keep it only for the people of the Stockade.

  •  Some other danger may appear on the horizon, but the most important looming battle, in my estimation, is to ensure that the recently adopted Bike Schenectady Master Plan does not diminish the safety or enjoyment of its sole walkway for the many types and generations of current users. For a detailed analysis click here.
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focus on the 2017 Stockade Tree (with Supermoon)

 . . Nov. 30, 2017

. . the moment of lighting, 5:40 pm: 

IMG_5445 . . with supermoon, 6:50 pm. . 

When completed tonight, this posting will have many photos of the 2017 Stockade Holiday/Christmas tree, which was lit this evening (Sunday, December 3), and the now-traditional Afterglow party at the St. George’s Great Hall; plus, a few bonus shots of tonight’s “supermoon” over Lawrence Circle. 

Here’s a small Supermoon set:



IMG_5454-001 . . [L] Supermoon is in the upper right corner, peeking through tree branches . . 

This next set of images was taken on November 29, when the Tree was delivered and erected by a crew from the Schenectady Parks Department, at Lawrence Circle (at Front, Green and N. Ferry Streets). The beautiful tree was again donated by the Saratoga Tree Nursery, a division of the State DEC. Susannah Hand helped select the lovely tree, and Stockade Association vice-president Colleen Macaulay supervised tree decoration and the Lighting ceremony.



IMG_5359 . . Rick

. . Colleen: IMG_5364 . . Susannahimg_53681.jpg

DSCF3639 . . like the daytime photo at the top of this posting, this photo was taken November 30, 2017 . . 

The following Slideshow presents images from this evening’s Tree Lighting Ceremony, which began at about 5:30. The photos in the Slideshow are in the order taken:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The Afterglow Party. It was good to see so many friendly faces, and such a nice spread of snacks and treats, in the Great Hall of St. George’s Episcopal Church. [By the way, this evening, as often happens lately, Council member Vince Riggi was the only City Hall official to attend an important Stockade event.] I missed a lot of tables and tableaus, but I think this Slideshow is a good sampler from a traditionally enjoyable neighborhood event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Festive Trees and Kitchen Jazz at the YWCA

 . . 

 The Schenectady County Historical Society and the YWCA of Northeastern NY kicked of their fundraising Festival of Trees last night, with a Night of Lights soiree at the Historical Society (32 Washington Avenue) and a Christmas party for staff, residents and volunteers at the YWCA (44 Washington Ave.).   I attended the Y’s Party, to see Kitchen Jazz perform holiday tunes, with Richard Genest of Arthur’s Market and Sylvie Briber (above right) on vocals; they are backed up by Dave Kitchen, guitar, Jim Connelly, bass, and Norm Ainslie, drums.; with Doug Chilton (above left) sitting in on piano for the party. Kitchen Jazz was smooth and loose and the party guests enjoyed their seasonal musical renditions.

. . above: the lovely party room with Kitchen Jazz on stage . .

As you’ll see in the following slideshow, there was a plethora of well-decorated trees.

  • To see a larger version of any photo in the Slideshow, pause on it, right-click and choose Open Image in New Tab.

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Small Business Saturday on Jay Street

  A bank of gray clouds beat me to the Jay Street pedestrian walkway today (November 25, 2017), for a look at Schenectady’s version of Small Business Saturday, which started out under a lovely blue sky with white cloud puffs. [See a Gazette editorial urging “Support your local businesses today“]

From the Lazare parking lot between Liberty & Franklin Streets, I snapped a shot of City Hall and then walked over to the pedestrian walkway, into the Open Door Bookstore, then walked down to State Street (which seemed rather empty), and back up Jay past City Hall, finally visiting my friend Kathy Fitzmaurice’s Katbird Shop on Liberty St. My SBSat stroll is captured in this slideshow.

 . . 

. . above: [R] The Open Door Bookstore; [L] The Katbird Shop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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SBSat2017-JayStODBlocal p.s. One benefit of a locally-owned book store, such as The Open Door, is that they are more likely to carry works by local authors or artists that not backed by an established publishing house. One example at the Open Door is Sylvie Briber’s “The Inscription in the Window“; another is my own collection of photos with haiku, “Haiga on the Mohawk“, and a set of postcards.

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Thanksgiving [pot]luck at Arthur’s Market



I hope all my Stockade neighbors and friends had a Thanksgiving meal as tasty, heartwarming, and enjoyable as the potluck dinner I enjoyed with a dozen others at Arthur’s Market yesterday. Not wanting to intrude with my camera, I took only a few quick photos. The above collage shows the buffet table and the main dining table. Not shown, but definitely not ignored by the guests, were five fine pies and some cute cupcakes that ended the meal with a gentle exclamation point.

 My sense is that hearts and tummies were full. I saw old neighbors and familiar faces, and hopefully made some new friends.

. . best Thanksgiving wishes to all . . 

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