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wings and players

IMG_8729 The 7th Annual Downtown Schenectady Wing Walk sold out days before the event, which took place today, Saturday, October 6, 2018, from Noon to 5 PM. The 2000 ticket-holders could “sample unique chicken wing recipes at 23 different restaurants”, and vote for their favorite. (pre-event Gazette story, here)

I encountered a lot of friendly and happy-looking folks. And, had a few good smiles. The closest thing to trauma that I encountered was a young woman who needed napkins because “I can’t even lick my fingers, it’s too hot.” There are over 50 photos in the Slideshow below.

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Thanks to those who asked to have their picture taken. I did not take names, but did let them know I was not from the Gazette. The photos are in the Slideshow, and also combined in this Tile Matrix. (click on a photo for a larger version; scroll over an image to see a caption):



The forecasted sunny day never happened, but even the photographer had a warm, good time.


IMG_8717 . . IMG_8734. . IMG_8727

. . a few of the memorable faces . . 



nice crowd at 151

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2nd Edition of Jamming on the Mohawk

Jamming2dCover Of the six Stockade-themed photobooks I have put together, my personal favorite has always been “Jamming on the Mohawk: ice floes and jams along the Mohawk River near the Schenectady Stockade” (2014).  After experiencing and shooting 2018’s massive ice jam; its floes invading our Park and yards; and the flash-freeze flood of January; plus, flooding with floes in February, I knew I needed to update Jamming, to commemorate the beautiful phenomena of the winter of 2018. [for example, see here and there] The result is “Jamming on the Mohawk II: ice floes and jams along the Mohawk River near the Schenectady Stockade” (2nd Edition, Sept. 2018, 21 pages).

  • Jamming II  has over 60 photos, 16 of them from the winter of 2018, and about four dozen taken from 2010 through 2014.

As I’ve said before, I put the photobook together for my own pleasure and those of other viewers, rather than as a business. Therefore, I’m pleased that you can see the entire book at the Shutterfly website without having to buy it. Just click this perma-link: Jamming II .

  • And, if you would like to purchase a copy, either hardcover or softcover, you can do so at my price to print the book, using available discounts (plus, postage, if necessary), rather than paying the higher regular price at Shutterfly. Just contact me [David Giacalone], if you are interested.
  • You can find larger version of the photos in Jamming II, plus many others, by going to our prior Ice-floes-jams postings.

Jamming2RearCover . . . rear cover

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Train Station gets its Gold Dome (update: and clock)

StationOpeningDay1. . update: see our Coverage of the Station Opening.

(October 17, 2018) (11:30 AM) The Schenectady Train Station was indeed officially opened this morning, in a ceremony attended by Lt. Gov. Nancy Hochul, U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, Mayor Gary McCarthy and many other local and state officials. See “Schenectady train station officially opens” (Daily Gazette, by Andrew Beam & Steven Cook, Oct. 17. 2018).

. . and, its Name: (Sept. 26, 2018):

SchdyStaNamed2 . . SchdyStaNamed1

IMG_8538-001 update (September 18, 2018): The new Schenectady Amtrak Station now has a clock under its dome. It is manufactured by the Electric Time Company of Medfield, Massachusetts. The clock read 12:00 when I went by at 11 AM and again while I was there ninety minutes later. You can share this post with this shorter URL:

Gaz-StationClocks-DAG Thank you, Gazette, for using the above photo in the article “Schenectady’s Train station’s clocks (old and new) have their own story to tell (Daily Gazette, Sept. 26, 2018, by Bill Buell).

The spectacular sky and cloud-scape, inspired a few more photos of the clock, building, workmen, etc., as you can see in this slide of photos taken during the noon hour of Sept. 18, 2018:


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IMG_8553-001 . . [L] view from State Street.

. . original posting, Sept. 13, 2018 . . This morning, Schenectady’s new Amtrak station got its gold dome.




Gazette reporter Andrew Beam wrote this morning that:


Gazette photo by Marc Schultz

The gold-colored dome has been placed atop the new Schenectady Amtrak station.

Crews lifted it up Thursday morning as the station on Erie Boulevard gets ever closer to completion.

Though gold-colored, the dome is not actually made of gold. It’s a combination of elements applied to the structure resulted in the gold coloring, state officials say. It gets its color through a process that created a durable, corrosion-resistant coating.

Plattsburgh-based Murnane Building Contractors is building the train station.

IMG_8536  . . IMG_8526



IMG_7872 For more pictures of the progress over this year of the new train station project, go here.

. . . By the Way, this is what the Old Union Station looked like. It was demolished in 1969.


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Images of the 2018 Stockade Outdoor Art Show


Best Stockade Depiction – Ritvik Sharma


follow-up (Tuesday Eve., Sept. 9, 2018): I’ve been adding more photos since the update at midnight on Sunday.  The 2nd Slideshow below now has 50 photographs, and the entire posting almost 200. Thanks to all who have stopped by and clicked on many images of art and artists.

8 PM Sunday Report (Sept. 8, 2018): GOOD NEWS. It has been a tumultuous day of computer and webserver disasters, but I have been able to post most of the photos I had hoped to share from yesterday’s Stockade Outdoor Art Show.  I have not tried to reconstruct the original, artsy-er formatting of the crashed webpost, or to identify all the people, art, and exhibits, because I dare not tempt the computer demons with more editing.


Scroll down to find well over a hundred photos. Please enjoy. And, share this webpost with this shorter URL:

2018StockadeArtShowWinners2 Click on the WINNERS LIST to the right for a larger version

  • Many thanks to the Stockade Villagers’ Outdoor Art Show organizers and volunteers. And, warm thanks and smiles for all the artists, neighbors, and visitors who made the event glow, despite the overcast gray sky.
  • You can see last year’s gorgeous Stockade Art Show, by heading to our post “2017 Outdoor Art Show shines.” There was a wonderful blue sky, with many of the same artists as this year, and more exhibitors.

This Column of Square Tiles presents the Prize-winning Art and Artists. Roll over a tile for its caption. Click on a tile for a full and larger version, and caption.

  • Request: If you have an image of the Jake Matusic piece that took the 3rd place prize in the Youth Category, please send it to me, so that I can include it in this posting. Thanks.

Finally: 7:30 Sunday: As you can see below, I put up a mega-Slideshow. I hope you can enjoy the almost 100 images. Please forgive my not being able to identify everyone, or bring some order to the presentation.

  • To see a larger version of a slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


IMG_8467-001 . . Lawrence Circle with winning art

Midnight Slideshow offers more sights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

detail Below are a few “thumbnail” photos of two new “Youth” exhibitors, who I had the pleasure to meet at the Outdoor Art Show, and who I hope will be back often, even though their talents will clearly soon take them to a much wider audience. Janinna (in black top below) and Christina are from Mohonasen High in Rotterdam. Click on an image for a larger version.


ValRobert2017 p.s. A special mea culpa to Val and Andrea Robert. After joking with them about schmoozing so much I sometimes forget to snap a photo, I did just that at their exhibit on Green Street on Saturday. To the left, you can see the Man in the Orange Shirt at the Winners Circle in 2017. Find images of many of his fine works here.

  • Images may be used by the artist for any purpose without further permission from David Giacalone, who holds the copyright. Others may use images for non-commercial purposes. Please attribute the photographs to “suns along the Mohawk” and David Giacalone.
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we need more Guyana Days

IMG_8234 Today was my first visit to Grout Park (a/k/a Grout Athletic Fields) and to a Guyana Day celebration.  Being neither an athlete nor sport spectator, I found no particular reason to return to Grout Park, unless there are a lot of Guyanese folks there (or people similarly friendly, interesting, and attractive).  I snapped a lot of photos in my two-hour stay, but also had some good conversations, enjoyed the aromas of great food, and felt lots of good vibes. Clearly, I’m sorry I have not been savvy enough to head to previous Guyana Day events, at Grout Park or Central Park. [See a Gazette article about the event here, with photos by Marc Schultz, and reportage by Kassie Parisi.]


. . above: a scene from one of many cricket games; below: the Touch of Class tent, with a sleeping baby Alexander . . 


. . . IMG_8221-Andrew-001

. . below: three visitors to M. Hafez’s Crane Insurance exhibit . . 


Below you will find about 50 more images from my Guyana Day visit.

  • Click on any of the photos in the tiled columns for a larger version.


IMG_8173-001 . . IMG_8170 


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Orleans closes the Harbor Jam concert series


. . above & below: Orleans at the Amphitheater, Aug. 11, 2018 . . 


The last concert of the free Harbor Jam series at Mohawk Harbor’s amphitheater took place Saturday (August 11, 2018). It featured the Woodstock era band Orleans. This was my first time attending a Harbor Jam concert in this inaugural season, and I brought along my twin brother, Buffalo attorney and gadfly Arthur Giacalone, who enjoys a good live concert. [If unfamiliar with the location, see our posting, which has many images of the Mohawk Harbor Marina and Amphitheater photos]

IMG_8107 Known for songs such as “Dance with Me,” “Still the One,” “Let There Be Music,” and “Dancing in the Moonlight.” Orleans has had many personnel changes over more than four decades. The performers on stage last night included two of original band members: former Congressman John Hall and Lance Hoppen.

In an article posted at the Gazette website this evening (Sunday), “Orleans delivers the hits in closing Mohawk Harbor series,” reporter/reviewer David Singer wrote: “In general, the group had a nice sound. Three guitarists and vocalists, Hoppen’s brother on keyboards and a drummer. They took several guitar solos, never more than one round each — Hall even played slide on a few. They moved through some decent rock and blues, sounding less like the AM radio band that many expected, at the same time performing their hits as we all remembered them.”

Singer concluded the review with a nice summary of the band and concert:

“Still the One,” “Dance With Me,” and hard work on the road has been enough to sustain the band for decades. They earned it Saturday night.

The series has been attracting healthy-sized crowds, as described in the Gazette article, “Harbor Jam heats up in Schenectady” (by Indiana Nash, Aug. 2, 2018). However, a rain that lasted all afternoon surely kept crowd size from reaching the prior attendance numbers. Nonetheless, the Harbor throng was large enough and enthusiastic enough to make seeing a favorite old band an enjoyable event.


David Singer makes a fascinating point in his Gazette article, about the lack of any political statement by politician and environmentalist John Hall:

IMG_8102 Interestingly, Hall never mentioned that he served as a representative for New York in Congress years ago, and has since returned to the band. He stayed away from any political messages as well, perhaps knowing how to read his crowds after all these years. The closest they came to any political message was with the song “Lady Liberty.”

Hall wrote the song for his parents, who came to the United States to escape persecution — his mother from then-Czechoslovakia and his father from Scotland. Each band member took a verse, singing about their family members. This was a tough song to get through musically for the listener, but it served to deliver a clear message on the value of immigration to their lives.






The success of this inaugural Harbor Jam series should ensure its return next year (“if the river don’t rise, or the GGR fall” too much). Sponsor Rivers Casino and Resort says at its website, “Stay tuned for what’s coming in 2019!”

IMG_8109 (1)

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the Rose Garden satisfies again


Why don’t I get to the Central Park Rose Garden more often? If I could figure that out, I’d try to tackle my CPS (Chronic Procrastination Syndrome) in earnest. Fortunately, there’s nothing like wanting to impress visiting relatives with the delights of Schenectady to get me over to Central Parkway and Wright Avenue to see the Central Park Rose Garden. Thus, and to wit, I brought my sister and niece to the Rose Garden on Monday, July 31, and we enjoyed the visit greatly — right from the surprising fragrance as we entered the Garden through an archway.

. . IMG_8075-001

Click on any photo in the mosaic below for a larger version. And, please enjoy.


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a mini-Garden Tour

IMG_7978 (1) I wish I had started out earlier in the day, yesterday (Saturday, July 21, 2018), so that I could have seen all of the gardens presented in the Stockade Association’s 2018 Stockade “Art & Nature” Garden Tour.  As it is, I only visited 5 of the 8 private gardens on the tour. See “Tour art and nature in the Stockade” (Schenectady Gazette, by Indiana Nash, July 19, 2018).

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. . above and below: 32 Front St.; Garden of Robert Woods; art by Kathy Klompas . . 



. . below: Peter Rumora’s conifer garden, 31 Front St. 


The Slideshow below follows my path around the west end of the Stockade, with over 40 photographs. The images are repeated in the Thumbnail grid at the bottom of the posting; click on any of those images for a larger version.

IMG_7984 . . IMG_7983

. . above: Garden of Armida Rose, 101Front St, with felting art by  Joyce Muller-McCoola 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


. . Riverside Park .  IMG_8010

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