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images of July 2020

 . .

. . above: [R] sunflowers at 29 Front Street; [L] pump station construction site . . 

Merely looking at the photos I took during July 2020, you wouldn’t know the month occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The scenes of the Stockade and Downtown Schenectady were as colorful, inspiring, and diverse, and occasionally as aggravating, as ever. The map at the right shows that the beautiful sunflowers seen above, street-side at 29 Front Street, are just a stone’s throw from the Riverside Park construction site of the often-dispiriting and disruptive new pump station project, until recently the site of a grand, century-old shade tree.

Take a leisurely stroll through July 2020 with this Slideshow. The photos were mostly taken while on my evening stroll from Cucumber Alley to Downtown Schenectady, often including scenes along the Mohawk River, State Street and Jay Street, and more. For a larger version of an image, pause the slideshow, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab.

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DSCF9049 . . . the Colonel gets Mill Lane competition on State Street


. . Citizens’ Bank all but gone . . 

DSCF9022 . . artist Rae’ Frasier’s addition to the Rainbow Arches at Gateway Plaza. . 

Posted by: David Giacalone | June 30, 2020

a sunset worth remembering

It is easy to get blasé about lovely sunsets when you live along the Stockade portion of the Mohawk River. But, a glance at what was happening up in the sky yesterday evening just as I was about to head home from a stroll downtown, got me to dig my little Fujifilm camera from my sack.

The results can be seen in this commemorative posting.






. . follow-up . . Then, two days later (July 1, 2020), just before sunset, a view of a very different hue grabbed my attention.




. . afterthought (August 1, 2020): And, the first sunset of August 2020 at Riverside Park gave us hope that much more beauty and inspiration is on the way.




Posted by: David Giacalone | June 27, 2020

summer brings spectacular clouds

doogiecloudSitUpDespite all the unsightly utility wires marring our streetscapes, I have been trying to look up more as I take my daily stroll around the Stockade, Riverside Park and (the real) Downtown Schenectady. One very big motivator lately: wonderful cloud arrays and display. I’ll be presenting images of them here, often in no particular order, with updates, individually and in collages. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. (click on images for larger versions; image of the Good Doggie cloud to the left was taken June 22, 2020).


StGeoRainbow25Jun2020 . . St. George’s steeple with rainbow, June 25, 2020. .




. . above: looking east on State St. from Erie Blvd. . 



StGeoRainbow2 . . June 25, 2020, at St. George’s Episcopal Church on N. Ferry Street . . 



Posted by: David Giacalone | May 21, 2020

May colors at College Row

Over the years, I haven’t gotten to North College Street and College Row as often as I should during our Stockade blossom season. This collage and the square tiles below show why I need to pay more attention to that pretty stretch of May hues.


  • Above photos taken May 12 and May 13, 2020. They are also included in the tile columns below. Click on a tile for a larger, full version.
Posted by: David Giacalone | May 10, 2020

beautifully past-peak at CGOH




The grounds of Congregation Gates of Heaven are gorgeous when the weeping cherry blossoms are at their peak. (see our collages from 2013 at the bottom of this posting). But, like many of our mothers, the beauty and character of past-peak bloom is inspiring and even heartwarming, with the visible limbs adding interesting and mystery.

. .click on a mosaic tile below for a larger version . .

. CGOH is located at Ashland Avenue and Eastern Parkway, in Niskayuna, New York.

. . 2013’s bumper crop was typical of the pink glory at CGOH. . 



Posted by: David Giacalone | May 10, 2020

green market on mother’s day


Blue skies, billowy clouds, fresh air and friendly folks made for an enjoyable visit to the Schenectady Green Market. I got there at 1 PM, with the crowd thinned out, so the social distancing rules being enforced were not a problem at all.

  • IMG_1559-001 The always-diplomatic Downtown Ambassadors used a light touch to enforce the rules. They are just one of the City Mission’s Schenectady Works projects.

Click on a tile below for a larger version.


And, please have a Happy Mother’s Day.

Posted by: David Giacalone | May 7, 2020

a cinco-full of blooms

. . click on a tulip square for a full, larger version:

. . many more tulip scenes in the Slideshow below . . 

My daily stroll on May 5, 2020 did not include cuing up for Mexican food (and being dispersed by law enforcement). It did include snapping lots of photos of pretty flowers, especially tulips, and others blooms and blossoms, including comely trees.

IMG_1418-001My walk headed south on Washington Avenue from Cucumber Street, passing the County Historical Society. Then up Union Street, with a serious stop at First Reformed Church’s customary bordered sidewalk entry. (This year the orange and yellow tulips were quite lovely, but short. Explanation?)

Crossing Erie Boulevard, I stopped to admire the plantings in front of the Centre Street Pub, at Broadway, as I often do. Then, headed over to capture the sole remaining City Hall cherry blossom tree (ironically, weeping), and across the Jay Street Pedestrian Mall, westerly up State Street, and back to Cucumber Alley, before remembering I really wanted to see the flower gardens on the west end of Riverside Park.


The next set of tiled mosaics highlights some of my favorite tree shots from May 5th. After it, the Slideshow has scores of photos in the order they were taken on my stroll.


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As always, to see a larger version of an image in the Slideshow, pause it on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab.


. . chalk art by Olivia . . 

. . . . All of the images in the following collages can be found in the Slideshow above!

1st REFORMED CHURCH, Union St. at N. Church St., Schenectady


CENTRE STREET PUB, Union St. at Broadway, Schenectady . .


RIVERSIDE PARK, along the Mohawk River, Schenectady Stockade . .


Posted by: David Giacalone | April 20, 2020

stoop shoot 2020

mourningdoveIMG_1192If you’re not getting out much due to COVID-19’s continuing NY Pause, you’re welcome to enjoy Washington Avenue’s 2020 cherry blossoms online with me from the front porch and stoop of 16 Washington Avenue.  The views in this cherry blossom Stoop Shoot are north down Washington Avenue toward the Mohawk River and south from Cucumber Alley toward Union Street, assisted by the zoom lens on my Canon. Now and then, the critter on the right and a sibling stop by and wait for mom to come for a feeding.



The photos in this Slideshow were taken in the early mornings of April 19 and April 20, 2020. When you let the Slideshow play on its own on your screen, it is a bit like porch-settin’ on a pretty April morning. As always, you can see a larger version of a photo by pausing the slideshow on the image, right-clicking, and choosing Open Image in New Tab.

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  • On April 16, 2020, we posted about thirty more photos of blossoms around the Stockade, see “2020 Stockade blossoms“.


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