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ice jam vigilance (with Sun. update)

 . . DSCF3769-001

. . above: Riverside Park esplanade & Mohawk R. seen [L] Feb. 22; [M] Feb. 24; and [R] Feb. 25

update (Sunday, Feb. 25): My visit before noon to the Mohawk riverbank along the Schenectady Stockade revealed that the River channel south of the Isle of the Cayugas and entire River east of Scotia’s Burr Bridge embankment was clear, with occasional small chunks of ice moving rapidly by. [see image above on Right; click for a larger version] Two other observations: First, the channel along the south/Scotia side of the Isle of the Cayugas is still clogged with ice cover and floes, basically up to the east tip of the Isle. Second, the Esplanade (like virtually all of the Park) is a muddy mess. See the next two images. And, see the Sunday Slideshow at the bottom of this posting.

DSCF3766 . . . DSCF3778

  • DSCF3748-001According to the NWS Hydrograph, the water level observation at 4:40 PM today at Freeman’s Bridge was 213.71ft, and the latest prediction has the level stay below 214 ft. for the next two days.
  • If, as of Sunday February 25, you want to see closeup large ice floes along the Stockade riverbank, you should head to the river end of Cucumber Alley. Don’t let the Stop Sign fool you, Cucumber Alley still a roadway that goes all the way to the River and is open to the public.

Original Posting

A shifting mass of ice and floes (and debris), along the Schenectady Stockade portion of the Mohawk River today (Saturday), was a good reminder that people in the flood-prone part of the Stockade, and the City’s emergency response team, need to be prepared and vigilant. The flow of the River has been quite powerful, but that is a mixed blessing if the ice cover breaks up and forms an ice dam; and, the force of the current itself can make such breaking of the ice cover more likely.

  • As of 8 PM Saturday, the water level at Freeman’s Bridge was 214 ft., with Flood Stage being 220 ft.

The pair of images at the Riverside Park Esplanade at the top of the posting shows that the broad open water along the Park on Thursday was filled today with ice floes. Immediately below is another view along the Stockade riverbank from the west end of the Park, at the Washington Avenue dead end. Click on an image for a larger version.

Footwear Alert: Riverside Park was a muddy mess today, and I hear people were losing boots and shoes. I barged toward my favorite bench near the west end entrance columns in the Park and was soon scolding myself and looking for a safe way back to reasonably dry land.

A new collection of large and scruffy ice floes appeared today at the end of Cucumber alley and the mouth of the Binnekill. Here is an example, and there are quite a few more in the Saturday Slideshow below.

This Saturday Sideshow consists of photographs taken at the end of Cucumber Alley and along Riverside Park in mid-afternoon.

  • Don’t Forget: You can see a larger version of any photo in the Slideshow by pausing the Slideshow, right-clicking on the desired photo, and choosing See Image in a Separate Tab. A lot of the images look better when larger.



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DSCF3751 . . Sunday, Feb. 25

Sunday Slideshow: images taken at the rear of Cucumber Alley and along the Schenectady banks of the Mohawk River between 11 AM and noon, on Sunday, February 25.


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DSCF3753 . . view east from rear of 16 Wash. Ave., Feb. 25

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February 22 flood watch (with comparisons)

 . . IMG_6402
. . west entrance of Riverside Park: [L] 6:30 am, Feb. 22, 2018; [R] 8:46 am, Feb. 21.
The Mohawk has been below flood stage since about 2:30 am today, February 22, and was at 217.17’ at 11:45 am. Things are looking better today, with the constant caveat that the ice cover could breakup and ice jams/dams cause surges of water. The photos below show how much less water is covering various spots that were completely flooded yesterday. If important changes take place today, I will update this posting. (midnight update: the reading at 11:35 pm was 215.35 ft.


Today’s Photos [Thurs., Feb. 22] on the Left, Yesterday’s [Feb. 21] on the Right – click on an image for a larger version.

The west end of Riverside Park, at Washington Avenue:

  . . 
The roadway of Cucumber Alley:

IMG_6484 . . 


Upper part of the yard at the rear of 1 Cucumber Alley:
 . . 
Gateway Landing Gazebo
IMG_6495 . . 
Riverside Park Playlot at end of North Street: 
 DSCF3732-001 . . img_6444-001.jpg
Afternoon Report: Slideshow with Snow (Thursday, Feb. 22): Taken a day after the flooding began due to record warmth (including Albany’s second warmest recorded winter day), at the end of North Street near the Playlot, and at the end of No. Ferry Street, along the Esplanade; plus, a photo of the rear of 1 Cucumber Alley.




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 DSCF3735-001. . IMG_6433-002
 . . above: Esplanade/end of N. Ferry St.: [L] 3 pm, February 22, 2018; [R] Noon, Feb. 21.
 . . DSCF3738
. . above: Esplanade water gauge seen on Feb. 22, 2018, for the first time since Jan. 13, 2018; below: Esplanade water gauge concealed by ice floes, January 13, 2018



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Stockade stroll after the flood


west lawn of Riverside Park

As often seems to happen after a bit of Stockade flooding, the sun and the neighbors come out and made for a lovely stroll and photoshoot. This slideshow has 40 images taken on my lunchtime tour, Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

  • As always, for a larger version of a photo in a slideshow, pause on the image and right-click, then choose Show Image in New Tab

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. . river end of Cucumber Alley . . 

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Ingersoll Ave.

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Presidents Week Stockade flood watch

MohawkHydro21Feb9AM  Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 1.01.56 PM Update (Wed., Feb. 21, 2:00 pm): There was a rapid rise between 10:30 AM and Noon, reaching 225.84 ft. At 12:45 pm, the water level was down to 223.98 ft; and the level was 222.64 ft. at 1:25 pm A forecast made about 11 AM predicts a crest at 7 PM today at 222.10′.

IMG_6447-001 . .  NOTE: See a slideshow with over three dozen photos taken under blues skies Wednesday afternoon, at our posting “Stockade stroll after the flood“.

Update (Wed. AM, Feb.21): The Mohawk River at Freeman’s Bridge was at 222.1 ft. at 9:10 AM. As of 7:15 AM, the Weather Service predicts a crest at 222.5 ft. at 1 PM today. [click for Hydro Chart] It is quite foggy along the River. Riverside Park is completely under water. No water yet on Washington Ave. The River half of Cucumber Alley is flooded. I will get to other streets a little later this morning. Pictures will be added here at “suns along the Mohawk” throughout the day.

. . Wednesday, 9 AM: above: 9 AM, Washington Ave. entrance to Riverside Park; below: Noon, Cucumber Alley and yard of 4 Cucumber Alley; 1 Cucumber Alley on right . .
GatewayGazebo21Feb . . Gateway Landing Gazebo, noon, Feb. 21. 

MohawkHydro20Feb9PM . . click here, or on this chart to see the latest Mohawk River level reading and hydrologic prediction at Schenectady (Freeman’s Bridge). Flood Stage is 220 ft. . . 

Record warmth on Feb. 20 & 21, with rain, is expected to melt Adirondack snow and significantly raise water levels. The 14-miles of ice cover in Schenectady County’s portion of the Mohawk is an unpredictable factor, and break-up of the floes may cause ice jams with water backing up and over the River banks.

 Feb20-3PM6PM . . Observation/Prediction Updates: At 9:15 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 20, the Mohawk River level was 220.15′. Minor Flood Stage is 220′ at Freeman’s Bridge. The forecast posted today at 7:29 pm shows the River level cresting at 220.70′ about 1 am tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 21; falling below flood stage 1 AM Thursday; and then falling to 217.50′ at 7 PM Friday, Feb. 23. [The River went up about 18 inches from 3 PM to 6 PM at the Riverside Park esplanade.]  Click for a Table showing observations and River level forecasts.

  • Click for WTEN meteorologist Steve Caporizzo’s Twitter page, to get his latest forecasts and insights on flooding in the Region.
  • And, check out the Live Webcam at the Union College Boathouse, for real-time views of the Mohawk near the CSX Trestle and the Stockade

IMG_6356 Earlier update (4:15 PM, Tuesday, Feb. 20):  The water has been rising more quickly than predicted along the Mohawk at Schenectady, and was already at 217.54′ at 3:30 PM today, past the predicted crest for tomorrow. I will keep checking for new River Level Forecasts. Photo to the Right shows Esplanade water gauge at about 3 PM Tuesday (visible for first time since Jan. 13, because the ice floe pile up has melted down). The water level level reads 220′. Although 220′ is Flood Stage at Freeman’s Bridge, flood stage at the  Esplanade (end of No. Ferry) has traditionally been stated as 222 ft. (above sea level, of course).

IMG_6352  [L] view east from Esplanade, 3 PM, Tuesday Feb. 20.

This webposting will be updated frequently to show conditions and predictions.

Here are photos from Sunday evening, February 18, which are still representative of conditions on Tuesday morning, Feb. 20, 2018. Click on a photo for a larger version.


above: view [L] west and [R] east from the Riverside Park esplanade . .

below: view [L] west end of Riverside Park; and [R] end of Cucumber Alley, where the Binnekill enters the Mohawk River

 . . 

  • To see the ice floes at the Park on January 19-20, click here.
  • Click here, to see the original flash-frozen flooding and ice floes on January 13-14.
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Valentine flamingos return to the Stockade

 . . . blue sky Valentine afternoon! . . IMG_6249

IMG_6239 . . .

 The mysterious Stockade Valentine Flamingo Tradition continues at Lawrence Circle. The following photographs were taken slightly before midnight on February 14, 2018.  When the sun is up and throughout the day today, the 2018 Flamingo Visitation will be further documented and presented below.

. . enjoy the good weather and stop by Lawrence Circle for Valentine’s Day 2018. Don’t dally, as most years they depart a couple hours after dark. . 

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1:30 PM: A bit of blue sky just opened, so I am going to head back to Lawrence Circle. I hope this Slideshow will hold Flamingo Fans until I get back with more. Even gray skies do not dim the pink romantic glow.

  • For a larger version of a Slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click and choose Open Image in New Tab.


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. . 3:00 PM: a second visit to capture the blue skies was well worth it; see photos and the 2nd Slideshow below . .




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    IMG_6243 .

. . Happy Valentine’s Day from “suns along the Mohawk”, Lawrence, his Flamingo Sweethearts, and the Historic Stockade . . 


SPECIAL THANKS to Christina Erne and Steve Caporizzo of STORM TRACKER 10, from News10, Albany NY, for featuring the Stockade Valentine Flamingos on this evening’s broadcasts, and letting Christina spend a couple hours at Lawrence Circle.



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mid-week River Watch

IMG_6058 Thursday (Jan. 25, 7 AM) Update: The Mohawk has been going down slowly all night and is projected to continue to fall. Click here for the NWS Hydrograph. At 6 AM the level was 219.43, with 220.0 as the flood level. FYI: See “Cuomo says special teams are assessing ice jams across upstate” (Times Union, Rick Karlin, Jan. 25, 2018)

Flood possibility Wed. Evening ALERT: The City of Schenectady issued an Updated Weather Advisory for Stockaders on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 24. Click on the image to the right. And see Gazette coverage, here. .


. .  . .

. . the River end of Cucumber Alley, Wed. Jan. 24, [above] 1 PM [below] 5 PM. . The Mohawk River rose to the level of the alleyway . .


 7 PM Wed. River Watch: The general flood watch for the Capital Region was called off by this morning, Wednesday, January 24. But, the Mohawk did not perform as expected overnight, and continued rising all day rather than falling. As of the time I am posting this piece, the Mohawk at the Stockade is .3 of a foot from the 220′ flood level. The National Weather Service and our County Emergency Management officials apparently have no current plans to announce a flood alert or the need for emergency measures. Naturally, I hope they are correct.

And, even more naturally, I took advantage of the beauty and power of the River view to takes some photos, and put them in a Slideshow.

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east end of Esplanade, looking west

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flash-frozen floes still in place

IMG_5943 . . . IMG_5933

. . Saturday afternoon: above: [R] ice built up at the river-end of the lot at 4 Washington Ave, site of the “raised Stockade house“; [L] ice floe array on east side of Riverside Park 


above: looking east from Esplanade railing; below: Park explorers with cameras; . . . 


It has been just over a week since the Mohawk River flooded onto Schenectady’s Riverside Park and the north end of four Stockade neighborhood streets along the Park. The flash-freeze of flood waters late Saturday night (Jan. 13-14) left a sheet of ice on the roadways and the Park, including freezing on and around the ice floes that had been pushed over the riverbank and into the Park by the rushing waters and jammed ice. [Click Here to see our photos from January 13 & 14.]

  •  A few inches of snow that came later in the week gave a superficially normal-looking appearance to the West Lawn of Riverside Park, until you looked closer, or your foot went crashing through a thin sheet of flash-freeze ice, or you encountered the edge of a large, foot-thick, flat-top ice floe.
  •  Meanwhile, along the Park’s walkway and the riverbank, ice-floes and ice chunks of all sizes and shapes were strewn and clustered, and locked into place because of the flash-freeze.


  •  By last Friday (Jan. 19,2018), work crews had chopped away the ice on the pathway, from the Park entrance at Washington Avenue, past Governor’s Lane, but the clearing stopped abruptly and left a fairly tame-looking but treacherous trek over snow-covered floes and sheets of ice to reach the Esplanade and N. Ferry Street.

 By The Way: The term “flash-freeze” came into wide use earlier this month, when a giant East Coast storm brought frigid temperatures and some ocean flooding in New England. For example, Revere, Massachusetts had a flash-freeze of an ocean tidal surge about two weeks ago. See this YouTube CNN video, explaining cars frozen in place on a Revere street in a January 4 video clip posted on Twitter by @Adam28691.

Advisory Stockade Weather Advisory: On January 18, 2018, the Schenectady police Department issued a Weather Advisory Notice for Stockade Residents, advising of “a possible weather hazard starting this weekend and continuing over the next few weeks due to the condition of the Mohawk River. The Potential of flooding exists from ice jams, change in temperature and precipitation.” The Notice says that residents should prepare themselves for flooding and be ready to evacuate.” Residents are also urged to update their contact information for the County Emergency Rapid Notification Call System, at .

red-check Note: click to see National Weather Service river level chart for Schenectady (Freeman’s Bridge). And, see the Mohawk River Ice Jam Monitoring system, which includes the Stockade Webcam, a camera at the Union College boathouse.

 . . rear of 1 Cucumber Alley

The Slideshow below has photos taken along Riverside Park and at the end of Cucumber Alley on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 19-20.

  • CH13DAG19Jan2018. (January 19, 2018): Thanks to John Craig and NewsChannel 13 for interviewing this old ice jam watcher and photo-taker along the Mohawk.  Despite the statement in the video, we have had several ice jams along the Stockade portion of the Mohawk since 2010; that year was the most recent when ice floes jumped the banks onto the Park. Short video here

 mallards near Cucumber Alley … IMG_5911

  • To see a larger version of an image in the Slideshow, pause it on the image, right-click and choose Show Image in New Tab. 

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  • TU-DAGmallards24Jan2018 Thank you to the Albany Times Union for featuring one of our Mallards at the Binnekill photos in the January 24, 2018 web and newsprint [image on right] editions, in their Your Best Shot feature. I appreciate that they left my allusion to the inability of Rivers Casino to attract tourists: “When they decided to leave en masse, they did not head east toward Rivers Casino, but were seen flying south.” May they wanted to check out the Feb. 8 opening of the billion dollar Resorts World Catskills Casino at Monticello. See “New Catskills casino brings glimmer of hope” (Gazette, by Charles Bagli, originally in the New York Times, Jan. 12, 2017)
Posted by: David Giacalone | January 13, 2018

ice jamming all weekend on the Mohawk

follow-up: Click here to see ice floe conditions a week later, Jan. 19 & 20.

flooding update: Monday, January 15, 2018

IMG_5803 . .  IMG_5814

. . above: Riverside Park Esplanade, Monday, 2:30 pm; seen on WTEN with Steve Caporizzo. . 

The River continues to fall, and the NSW shows it at about 4 feet below flood level Monday evening. Ice has been removed from the roadways that were flooded Saturday night, but temperatures have preserved frozen floodwaters elsewhere, creating interesting effects. Below is a 40-photo Monday Slideshow, with the icy Esplanade and Park, and the invaded rear of Cucumber Alley featured.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_5796 . west end Riverside Park, Monday, 2:15 pm



Park playlot and CSX trestle



3pm Sun.

 The Mohawk River has been coming down very slowly overnight (see National Weather Service chart) at Schenectady, and is likely to be below flood level by early this afternoon [Note: In fact, at 11:45 am, the Mohawk fell below flood stage and is predicted to continue falling.]. Last night and this morning, the ice jam has been stationary, with occasional cracking sounds. By late Saturday night, frozen river water covered Riverside Park and came onto Ingersoll Ave., North Ferry Street, the parking area at the end of Governor’s Lane, as well as the end of Cucumber Avenue. This morning, ice covers each of these narrow roadways, and they may remain icy throughout Sunday and Monday, given the frigid forecast, unless City crews break up and remove it today. (see today’s TU coverage) Temperatures were near zero at sunrise Sunday, with uncomfortable wind chills.

Nonetheless, I took an early photoshoot stroll of the flooded areas, and the results are below. Scroll down further for Saturday’s full photo and video coverage.

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 . . North Street, 8 AM Sunday

Sunday Slideshow – photos taken 7:30 am to 8:15 am.  Note: for a larger version of a Slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . Esplanade .  IMG_5734

IMG_5759 . . looking east from west end of Park


west entry to Riverside Park, Sunday 8:15 am

. . .


Saturday update (3:30 PM): The ice floes have stopped flowing for now, but the water level is at flood stage (top of the riverbank), with some water in Riverside Park. See 2 dozen photos in Slideshow II below. Here’s a sample:


NSWGraphSchdyMidniteSat update (Midnight Saturday): The ice field is stationary, with shallow water covering Riverside Park. The latest National Weather Service water level report (image to the right) shows the Mohawk having peaked, and continuing to decline, with the expectation that it will be lower than 220.0 ft, flood stage, by noon on Sunday. (Sunday, 8:30 AM): The Gazette and Times Union tell us that Ingersoll Ave. and North Ferry St. had some flood water last night. I will have photos up at this posting later Sunday morning.

Original Posting

 . . . 

. . above: scene at Riverside Park esplanade [L] 10:17 am; [R] 10:35 am . . thank you, Times Union for using both photos online Saturday afternoon . 

When I got to the end of Washington Avenue and the entryway to Riverside Park at 10:12 am today (Saturday), the Mohawk River was totally still, with stationary chunks of ice crammed together and askew. Twenty minutes later, the ice layer had cracked and the River was a fast-moving torrent of water and ice floes, with many pushing up along the Riverbank.

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. . go to this posting to see what was happening yesterday, Jan. 12.

This video clip was taken at 10:37 AM:


  • I will be adding photos to this posting until early in the afternoon.

Such power:


IMG_5625 . . . stationary floes, along the former Burr Bridge abutment, 10:12 am, at the end of Washington Avenue, 

IMG_5663 . . west end of Riverside Park, 10:36 am, fast-moving floes

The next short clip shows how large ice floes can be pushed up onto the Park itself, as also happened in February 2010.


This Slideshow has photos presented in the order taken this morning, between 10:12 am and 10:38 am.

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Two O’Clock Saturday Stroll

My second (and last) Park stroll of the day produced some pretty pictures, along with discovering that:

  1. the top of the ice field had stopped moving
  2. with water creeping up Cucumber Alley, and filling the yards of both Alley houses;
  3. and, it had reached the flood stage along the Stockade river banks,
  4. with some water flowing into Riverside Park, but not past the pedestrian walkway, and mostly on the lawn right at the edge of the riverbank.  See for yourself in this Slideshow #2.

river end of Cucumber Alley, 2:15 pm Sat.

note: for a larger version of a Slideshow image, pause on the photo, right-click, and choose Open Image in New Tab 

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IMG_5695 . . view west from east end of Park



near Governor’s Lane



esplanade, 2:30 pm Saturday

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