Posted by: David Giacalone | November 17, 2018

a few impressions of the 2018 Holiday Parade


t’s rare that I want my photographs to look like Impressionist paintings, but that is what happened (or worse) to many of them this evening. I just could not get my lenses to focus consistently in the available light. The relatively few images that seem worth sharing can be found in this posting.

Tonight’s 50th anniversary Fidelis Care Holiday Parade took place on Schenectady’s State Street, between Washington Avenue and Lafayette Street. Sesame Street’s Big Bird (see top photo) was the headliner float, and presented by Price Chopper/Market 32. [see Gazette article]

  • img_2816-001 I was much more successful photographically in 2016, and you can reminisce about that year’s Parade, with over 60 photos, here, and a sample to the right.
  • My perch was near S. Ferry Street, at the Barney Square complex, with good company provided by Julianna and Richard Gerrity.
  • If you are in the area, and in a holiday mood, you can stop at Freeway Insurance, which has a Toys for Tots station. Freeway is located at 225 State Street, Suite 114.



. . above: float by Schenectady’s Fire and Police Department; they brought Lady Liberty momentarily back to lower State Street.


IMG_9585-001 . . Mom urges patience from big brother while cradling a little one. 

IMG_9599 . . the new Schenectady City Barn joined the celebration 

Click on any of the Square tiles below to see a full, larger version. And, have a Happy Holiday Season!



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