Posted by: David Giacalone | September 12, 2016

breezy 2016 outdoor art show a lovely treat

2016stockade-art-show-posterBelow are three slideshows featuring the enjoyable, if breezy, 65th Stockade Villagers Outdoor Art Show. The First Slideshow depicts the Awards Ceremony; the Second Slideshow has random photos taken while I strolled quickly around the Show, radiating from Lawrence Circle; and a Third Slideshow contains two dozen shots, mostly details or re-cropping of photos from the first two slideshows.  At the very bottom of this posting is a collage showing each of the pieces that were presented at the awards ceremony, at Lawrence’s Winner Circle, in the Schenectady NY Stockade Historic District.

Note: I took far fewer shots than other years, because I was holding my very first photo and photobook exhibit, inside Arthur’s Market, and needed to tend my tables. (For even more Outdoor Art Show, click here for links to prior webposts in our Outdoor Art Show Category.) I apologize if I missed your exhibit and note-worthy work.


LIST of WINNERS, from the Stockade Villagers Outdoor Art Show Facebook Page: Click on an image for a larger version.

First Place (sponsored by the Daily Gazette):

                                 Peter Watrous img_2193watrousgrandprize

breadbasketrev-raineydewey2d  Second Place: Lorraine “Rainey” Dewey (website)
 Third Place Justin Janik (websiteimg_2187justinjanik3d

The Nicholas Colangelo Award [First-Time Exhibitor]: Eileen Sammons

img_2173jared-schafer-cohenstockade The Ernest Cohen Award [Stockade Depiction]: Jared Schafer

The James Gilliland/George Weinheimer Oakroom Artists Award: Debra Dixon. This award is given by the Oakroom Artists for the body of work shown in the display.

Honorable Mention: Don Cooper, Lucy Shure, Fredda Merzon, Debra Dixon, Lynn Marie Vokatis and Fred Neudoerffer.

The People’s Choice Award went to Mary Occhiogrosso

img_2150ewilsonya1 Receiving Young Artist Awards (age 8 -18) were, Ethan Wilson (First), Mia Etkin (Second) and Sarah Grossman (Third.)

  • Judges were Charles Steckler and Sandy Wimer with Steve Kowalski judging the 8 – 18 year olds.

img_2061 The Weather was Interesting on Sunday, September 11th. It was actually the Rain Date for the Show, due to forecasts Friday evening that made rain appear very likely during the day on Saturday. Saturday turned out to be dry. Instead, Sunday started with thunderstorms, which moved out, bringing lower temperatures and a clearing sky, but also troublesome winds. Prior to calming down to a fairly calm breeze, the wind scared away some artists, menaced others, called for ingenuity (and ballast), often caused chasing after skittering pieces (see photo to the right), and did some unfortunate damage (including to the frame of one of my favorites from last year, by Linda Biggers).

 Thank you to all the artists who braved the weather and the “guests” who came to view the show. And. of course, thanks to the Outdoor Art Show committee for putting the 65th Annual Stockade Villagers Outdoor Art Show together and making it work.

Note: To see a larger version of an image in a slideshow, pause the slideshow on that image, and right click over it; then choose Open Image in New Tab (or New Window).

Slideshow One: The awards ceremony:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

img_2201susannahhandarm Please let me know if I have mislabelled an artist or work, or mis-spelled a name; and, also leave a comment or send an email with the necessary information, if yours is one of the many exhibits I could not identify. Finally, many thanks to Susannah for her help at my exhibit table. 


.. 1st Prize winner Peter Watrous’ exhibit; Peter won the Grand Prize in 2013, too . . 

Slideshow Two: Strolling the 2016 Outdoor Art Show

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afterthought: The Kids. I missed seeing some of my favorite Stockade art show kids this year, but was pleased to have many more enjoying the show (even if a little crabby at times) with their parents.









Here’s the Young Artists’ winners board from Sunday’s Show (you can see each artist and winning piece in the First Slideshow, above):



Supplement, added Wednesday, September 13, 2016:

Slideshow Three: Another Crop (two dozen added images, most of which are details or re-cropping of photos from the second slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


p.s. If I had walked all the way down to Bob Laper’s exhibit on Front St. near Church Street, I would have looked for some of these, and this little family, and smiled. Next year, for sure (if they aren’t all sold).

. . finally: below is a collage with each of the winning pieces mounted at Lawrence’ Circle . .


  • for a larger version of the above collage, click on it!


  1. Thank you for all of these amazing shots of the Art Show on Sept 11th. As a first time exhibitor, it was wonderful that you captured a shot of my booth. Your photo # 2125 is Karen’s Lens Photography. Thank you so much!

    • Hello, Karen. Thank you for exhibiting, identifying your booth for me, and saying such nice things. Just before I checked this comment, I put up a third slideshow, with mostly details or re-cropping of photos previously used. You will find that it included a detail from your booth, which I shall go back now and caption. best wishes.

  2. Wonderful, thank you so much!

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