Posted by: David Giacalone | June 26, 2009

Jumpin’ Jack’s Fireworks from the Stockade

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. .  Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 from 1 Cucumber Alley . .  . .  Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 b

This is the first year that I brought my camera with me to watch the Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks over Freedom Park in Scotia, New  York.  Naturally, I viewed them from my backyard, at the end of Cucumber Alley, on the south bank of the Mohawk River in the Stockade.  I was motivated to take some photos with my Canon PowerShot S5, after noticing yesterday that the camera has a “Special Scene” function for capturing fireworks.  (Yes, it is also “better late than never” to read the Camera User Guide.)

Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's from 16 Washington Ave., Stockade The results reflect my inexperience snapping fireworks, but I got lucky with a few of the shots, all of which have the Isle of the Cayugas beneath the fireworks display (you can see the power towers in a few of the shots).  Having been in the crowd on the Scotia side of the Mohawk for this event a decade ago, I’m pleased to be able to stay right here in my beloved and convenient Stockade neighborhood to fully enjoy the show.

Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - c

I’m posting an assortment tonight for those who missed this year’s Jumpin’ Jack’s extravaganza, or saw it and would like a few fresh memories.  [As always, you can click on a photo to access a larger version.]

..    Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - green burst . . Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - red stream

The next few were taken nextdoor, in the rear of the Briber cottage, at 1 Cucumber Alley:

Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's from 1 Cucumber Alley

. ..

Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - red jellyfish? . . . . Fireworks -  Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - golden burst . .

As I try to do with sunsets, here are a couple attempts to have the fireworks reflected in the waters of the Mohawk River:

..  Fireworks 0 Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - reflection at 1 Cucumber Alley .. Fireworks- Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - reflection #2

. . . and a pair of serendipitous bobbles:

Fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 d

. . .

fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - jiggle

. . .

. . . and two more from the rear of 16 Washington Avenue:

Fireworks- Jumpin' Jack's 2009 -beyond branches (orig.)

fireworks - Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - beyond the branches

Fireworks -Jumpin' Jack's 2009 - big bang

My last shot, during the long Jumpin’ Jack’s finale:

Fireworks - Junpin' Jack's 2009 finale

– thanks again to all the folks at Jumpin’ Jack’s, the Scotia Fire Department, and every one else who made this year’s display possible –

afterwords (June 28, 2009):   I like this silly shot too much to leave it out of our Jumpin’ Jack’s 2009 album.  I call it “tongues over the Cayugas.”

FireworksJJ2009 - tongues over the Isle of the Cayugas


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  1. Beautiful shots David- I especially liked the one just before the last shot. The boys and I over here at 4 Cucumber had a great time watching from the end of the alley.
    Thanks for sharing, Samantha

    • Thanks for your kinds words. I wish I had seen you and the boys Friday night. It would have been fun watching their reactions. I’ve learned that one big problem with trying to “cover” an event is that I don’t get to schmooze enough. See you on the Alley.

  2. I enjoed the Fireworks very much, being in a wheelchair I don’t get to the park to often. The fireworks were glorious and you did a terrific job getting them. Keep up the Good Work. Have a Happy Fourth of July and enjoy Uncle Sam’s Birthday. helen

    • Many thanks, Helen. I hope you enjoy the Independence festivities, too, and that you’ll find ways to get to the Park more often.

  3. great pics

    • thanks, Mike. Please stop by again.

  4. […] I didn’t despair, because I remembered my first fireworks photography experience a year ago — when I discovered that shaky hands can produce some very pretty pictures, and […]

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