Posted by: David Giacalone | July 13, 2009

daylily sunset

daylilylesssunset . .    late sunset 12July2009

The sunset last night (Sunday, July 12, 2009) along the Mohawk, as seen from Riverside Park, was quite lovely — with the experience made even more enjoyable due to another refreshing evening of “unhot, unhumid” weather.  Nonetheless, the flower garden at the western end of the Park reminded me — as my lawyer weblog friend Anne Reed (of the much praised “blawg” Deliberations) did recently — that virtually every experience is enhanced by adding daylilies.

daylily sunset cameo 12July09 Therefore, I did my best to include daylilies in my sunset reverie.  [You may recall my tulip-sunset posting from May.]  Granted, my photographic technique still needs some fine-tuning, but a few of the results last night seemed to be worth sharing.

daylily sunset - eastern view from Riverside Park

. . .

daylily sunset with flash - and the Isle of the Cayugas in the background

daylily sunset panorama cameo

daylily sunset - eastern view with flash 12July2009

. . .

daylily sunset cameo 2 . . .  daylily sunset eastern view 2

daylily sunset with power towers

p.s. Of course, you don’t have to be a daylily to make a sunset more interesting:

unidentified sunset flowers 12Jul09

p.p.s. Speaking of things that are orange, perennial, and come out in the daytime, look at the view from my corner window (Washington Avenue at Cucumber Alley) again today:

National Grid crew at Cucumber Alley 13Jul09


  1. David, these pictures are wonderful. And I do think there’s something deep about the idea that as you were taking them, each of those blossoms had only a few minutes more to go in its only day of bloom. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thanks, Anne. It’s great having you visit here in lieu of f/k/a. I think a daylily droops and folds up at night, but rejuvenates in the morning. (That is a pretty good metaphor for a life well-lived.) I’ll choose a couple of them to watch more closely tonight, and report back soon.

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