Posted by: David Giacalone | July 12, 2009

none too soon: winter’s greatest hits (Part 3)

sunset from Washington Ave at Mohawk River - 1Mar09 We’re well into July, so it’s about time (especially since I’ve got no new photos this weekend) to finish the series on my favorite pictures from the past winter, which I started in March — click for Part 1 and Part 2. [as always, click on a photo to go to a larger version, or scroll over it for a description]

On January 7th, we had a strange combination of wintry-mix precipitation, but it didn’t stop me from snapping this pair of photos (yes, they are in full color) near the Washington Ave. end of Riverside Park:



. .  Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009) was inspiring in many ways, including both a sunrise and sunset reflected in the skies over the Isle of the Cayugas.

Inauguration Day Sunrise - western skies at Riverside Park - 20Jan09

. . .

Inauguration Day sunset from Washington Ave.  - 20Jan09

. . .  Romance returned again to the Stockade, along with a flock of plastic flamingos, on Valentine’s Day 2009:

– for more, see the f/k/a posting “flamingos return to the Stockade” (Feb. 13, 2009) –

. . . By the end of February, the Mohawk became a risky place for ice fishing, or — like these fools on ice — for ice strolling near the mouth of the Binnekill creek:

Fools On Ice on the Mohawk - 27Feb2009

. . .

Orange Sunset over the Mohawk River - 24Feb09 Sunsets during the last week of February inspired this haiga:

. . plus, quite a few photos from my backyard at the end of Cucumber Alley:

Sunset behind 1 Cucumber Alley - 28Feb09

. . .

sunset from the end of CucumberAlley - 28Feb09

. . .  but, my favorite sunset evening along the Mohawk and Riverside Park was March 11, 2009.  Here are a few sample shots:

sunset panorama from the end of Wash. Ave., Schdy - 11Mar09

. . sunset 11March09 - looking toward Scotia

. . .

early sunset - 11March09 -eastern view from Riverside Park

. . .

early sunset - 11March09 - Isle of Cayugas. . .  sunset - 11Mar09 - west view from tree at Wash. Ave. deadend

. . .

late sunset - 11Mar09 - Riverside Park view of Isle of the Cayugas

. .

sunset - 11Mar09 -  street view from 2 Wash Ave . . . late sunset - 11Mar09 - street view at 16 Wash Av

sunset - 11Mar09 - alongside 2 Cucumber Alley . .  late sunset - 11Mar09 - from rear of 16 Washington Av

late sunset - 11Mar09 - from 1 Cucumber Alley

. . . Finally, the ice jam that formed on Sunday afternoon, March 8, 2009 (part of a 5-mile-long ice back-up), produced some of the most interesting and historic photographs of 2009.  Rather than repeat them here, I’m going to refer you to “ice jams at Riverside Park” (March 9, 2009).

. . .


  1. Do you have any pictures of the narrow Stockade streets after winter drops 3 feet of snow? I wonder if the streets are passable after a snowstorm.

    • Robert, Thanks for your question. Because I’ve tried to keep this weblog upbeat, I haven’t taken photos likely to give me agita. However, I must say that I was appalled last winter at the dreadful job of plowing in the Stockade. Not that they did not plow, but it looked like the plow drivers were amateurs or neophytes, afraid to come within a couple feet of the curbs. As a result, after our first couple of snowfalls, Union Street was about one and a half lanes wide. [To be honest, the same problem existed throughout the city, not just in the Stockade.]

      In addition, near my home, I noticed that residents on the first block of Front Street were disposing of their sidewalk, parking lot and driveway snow by putting it along the curb, making getting through quite iffy. Luckily, that is a one-way block, so the one very narrow lane was just about adequate for most vehicles.

      I have taken a few photos that seem to show that proper plowing leaves our streets in adequate shape for parking and driving. For example two that have appeared here at sam: this photo the day of the December 12, 2008 ice storm photo of Washington Ave; and this one from December 28, 2008.

      Plus, two from my outtakes that have not made it into sam postings, but which I have uploaded for you to see. There’s one from the unit block of Front St. on Dec. 28th; and another that day from the deadend on Washington Ave.

      I hope this is at least a little helpful, and that snow removal is done in a more responsible manner next winter.

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